VIOLET. How to make a violet of cream an aysing. Ornament for Easter cakes, cakes, kapkeyk.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Now we will do flower violet of oil cream icing to learn to do violet flower we need a template we will do the template on paper first we you need to draw a circle diameter of 4
  • 00:30: centimeters this circle we divide in half from the center we will need to about 5 degrees make-up angle and down so here dots put about 5 degrees about here that we Sector It should be Oct. 15 degrees maximum
  • 01:02: My Sketch is now we are here this straight angle we divide about 3 equal parts lower external expanded angle we divide here so in the middle two as part of the drop now we are down hold another circle can be circle hold compass can be at the hands of then this one otrezochek we share half in half all
  • 01:32: We connect this one circle can squeeze even a little bit can be his marker to circle make it fatter so he It is translucent with us over parchment according to a paper template turned we made a you by the hand, he is very very simple and now we need to cut it is such a circle carved in the shape
  • 02:03: we have turned Fialochka have 5 petals First, we are now denote 2 3 4 5 3 petal we will one length and two they have petals she will have ample shorter so we here a little make thicker I now have a template We get so cream we have prepared
  • 02:33: painted at the right us the color purple for little yellow middle and green leaves today for we begin to make our zagotovochku basis on which we will exactly otsazhivayut cream our flowers us a must here Now a stud they are sold everywhere in the confectionary here in this form in this we need to form now and its here at we attach We do all tape Here we have this
  • 03:04: podstavochki Now she has turned carnation rests now we have to we need to take our foundation cream just a little and we seredinochku here a little cream Posada and now me from parchment very thin paper not that we serve form dense and it this parchment Paper on a very very thin here I squares Now some will say
  • 03:34: what size probably 4 4 to 4 a half to four and a half the box we Cream Now here we will plant this Cream will give us the possibility that our transparent parchment square stuck here and now we Now this basis parchment will otsazhivayut flower violet So I close here so
  • 04:07: I show first means we otsazhivayut three big three small then two lobes here otsazhivayut start with 1 1 2 3 turn over and here are two broad such and they have shorter go like this Here such our
  • 04:37: Wand we remove it and and dry here and here mold place a little concave if you have a form of glasses there can be a saucer, or any that has a little concave form to us Flower is not dry absolutely flat next bumazhechki parchment with us also be pasted here if it is not can be glued even a little cream add to and accurately so we begin otsazhivayut one two Three
  • 05:11: unfold here and two small wide FIR First we are small leaves otsazhivayut deploy and 2 here is our Christmas tree, we We are laying here
  • 05:41: dry and so we is deposited all our many flowers as we need Now we need do seredinochku so we Fialochka done well, what did not our lack Herringbone lacks glazochkom now we will be on the put in two dots each wand do two dots is will our eyes all we are his Fialochka leave to dry them to dry
  • 06:11: when they dry they tverdenky thin sugar flowers leaves little corner It is such as to circular shape so just starting less We start bit lower than from the middle and finish These are the leaves have
  • 06:56: we turn to Fialochka tidy the edge a little bit wavy turned but it's nothing worry