Lesson No. 1. How to prepare royal glassazh  See details »

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  • 00:00: Now I'll show you how prepare the eye h there is me dividing the protein slightly chilled and here a little I break the Christmas tree 80 about as many just begun form pupils and adds garbage here and stirred
  • 00:36: Zhitomir and and He leaves one protein where some two or three hundred grace according to matter how thick
  • 01:08: men they add to the end quite a little empty if you pour a very all sorts of that's just such a Pushkin It can not be work powdered sugar should
  • 01:38: be clean without Starch its impurities buy specialized gazelle if your eyes are not already It holds its shape through A couple of minutes begins to spread It means your sugar powder has impurities starch determine willingness Azha eye very easy it does not fall off plugs and should keep in shape watch the channel in such a lift movement eye already then these he does not dripping does not spread and holds its shape many mistake
  • 02:08: beginners is that they try to right make jewelery from oil cream is not as the cream begins melts during the a few minutes from the the heat of your hand the learn from it enough baffling before as fill the room gently stir eyes a little bit put on nozzle with which we we want to work first will
  • 02:45: use nasadochku form stars to easily we fill kornetik his gut-wrenching about half hand hold since if it please will hold large glass and this give a hand endow feed second hand in it
  • 03:19: impose time cream inside kornetika cream to put just enough to it was easy to hold hand your top hand hand very quickly get tired manage and kornetik a wee bit poddavlivat cream downward
  • 03:49: not to leave little air overturn kornetik what if this will not make it Cream climb to the top and to whom it is easier to overwound finger and thumb crushed to this place palm that it does not spun cream We are squeezing these hotels fingers but here we do not have
  • 04:19: moves squeezing a little cream now our kornetik ready to use