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  • 00:00: Canadians agents and I am not saying yet nineteenth century, the traditional Christmas tree ornament pancake cotton toys Today I I will tell you how to make your own hands Christmas toy made of cotton for this we needed glue servant furtively so 2 divorced Saaduev can use starch paste will file as a Renova and Kiev acrylic scissors
  • 00:30: paint and here is a Styrofoam ball We share their party's ideal for work customers cover the surface of the ball England and begin to strengthen usa I recommend running the first 100 acrylic brush it should be flat and work in other forest machines hibernation presses the ball surface canvases wets well and how even Rides further air Ufa and sleep at parties, our task is covered ball
  • 01:01: a minimum of five Oslo resuscitation try that would have been flight as smoothly as both balls would be fully covered by your You will need to leave it on drying be it about hours the plate 11 rather than try not try to dry it in the oven for the manufacture of the nose, we need client and from its wool we MW slightly romances abaya adhesive wrap and begins to turn off the cone
  • 01:32: paintings quotas at the very root of all machine problems but the edge should be dry workpiece mounting space we inspect again and fix found free simply presses packs such small ribbons May 20 the entire circumference of where we have strengthened found farmer error in text pieces in hotels carefully smoothed infusion is ready intel AEN small bucket and tight Pskov is turned off in the race Region club
  • 02:03: we dry based client again we We made another small banks are already in a high we can start painting the first thing we should do it download comrade help surface white acrylic paint on it workpiece toned paint colors ivory we cover for him RPA green paint Krasin news red paint stain romantic Bode offered to paint subjects such as former subordinate nissan blast interesting
  • 02:34: news as soon as his eyes dry out here we have to question Stalin small pay the hospital bought but that Nikolic is almost ready Getting a little bit of snow but in order to artificial snow and the most interest pal'nite but a couple of cents and adjustment to 0 41 attachment for hanging US buckwheat but missing base video Beyonce wrong and here is a small white ring
  • 03:04: granddaughter using superglue fastening in bore extends alley area our company snegovichkov today complement almost brings you joy festive mood is the Thai New Year rates and huskies drink entry to our feed