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  • 00:00: glad to see you at channel with dynasty Irina you today learning to knit Asian spike my sample related to spokes 2 millimeters and wholly acrylic yarn the number of loops in knitting of the braids sizes must divisible by 3 for lesson gaining 12 loops including edge first row we
  • 00:42: provyazyvaem purl loops Getting Started Knitting spit segments which consists of six loops in width and 10 rows in height remove an edge loop and provyazyvaem 5 loops and facial that on the right needle located 6 loops overturn work and knit 6 then purl stitches It has a drawing note that
  • 01:12: the first loop is always remove and last provyazyvaem on drawing in backstitches ranks last loop Wrong and facial ranks respectively front and so fashion knit ten rows height eleventh row we provyazyvaem six facial and add to them 3 facial hinge on the left spokes overturn and work here
  • 01:49: provyazyvaem 6 backing to the breadth of our segment that was his first row overturn work and repeat knitting as at the first segment of the is again knit ten rows height to to start knitting second hand spikelets us you need to knit 1 purl Thus, we connected segments
  • 02:19: spikelets on this knitting stage I I close all the loops now we do a set of closed contact loops and return necessary for us the number in my 12 loops case taking into account the edge provyazyvaem with you
  • 02:54: one front row Now we're working on seamy side Asian spikelets it is on the wrong side, we will add 3 hinges on the left spokes knit 5 backstitches we knit 5 backstitches loops and that on the right spoke at We were six it was the first loop a number of our segment
  • 03:25: now we turn over to you work provyazyvaem facial hinge series 2 ready knit until knit until 10 rows on one segment wrong side at We knit in eleventh row provyazyvaem loop and the underside of the segment add operation 3 purl loop add three remaining wrong and provyazyvaem the last segment our sample all segments
  • 03:55: knit connect they knit the front row followed by a back row it's time to close tabs and see what we have which requires closed loop after provyazyvaniya each hand so your tresses Asian spike horizontally position will not turn into a sieve with warped gleams and after washing articles thereof retain its original appearance Try and you all
  • 04:25: and get you It was the channel dynasty Irina good and good Dan mood meetings