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  • 00:00: video provided Svetlana Telegina especially for channel video tutorials for the league other lessons of the author see the link below Hello to you Telecommunications Svetlana Telegin him we are in today's master create a class here such a rosette and so that we need for to perform here such embroidery ribbons First we need Satin Here is such a tape width etc.
  • 00:31: need tape in centimeter for execution petals and also needle embroidery and a thread turn attention to the back many side Master higher self ribbons used to fastening tapes envelope and tape and embroidery virtually
  • 01:01: the reverse side, too formed ribbons On the one hand it well other hand is overwork especially if you embroidering not special envelope as I have it now! some tissues more dense with fine lumens may be even such gaps hardly see and if we are through a cloth even take the example for example silk
  • 01:31: the cloth if we are through it we will miss such silk ribbons then eventually or rip the fabric or the work will be look very So let's rude see how perform just such a rosettes and so mean take the tape tip hide attach the tip
  • 02:01: canvas thus that could not be seen trimmed ragged Territory continue to do stitch thread under convoy at some distances grab the tape and about a number We go out into the fabric of the there we first
  • 02:34: We captured the first node ribbons on fabric We go further in place where we raw edge again grab you when it can be a ribbon a little flash to it more strongly rested but this is optional
  • 03:11: and sew or tissue thread here So now Now unfold go out and thread slightly from offset to one side and similar grab tape tighten thread too
  • 03:44: in order to avoid being was seen unfold ribbon and as already I think you know create a second lepestochek well here at I will have a little bit in length and grab the tape and We pass the place from out thread consolidated launched and left at the bottom
  • 04:14: You can not ask but you can just tape grab so that's just such a
  • 04:45: principles performed embroidery certainly not a thread pick up better under tape color in the cases where little will this does not look out . but, in principle, not a thread It should be seen here Such are the petals You can be performed using embroidery ribbons We take a broad belt and pink thread before than to sew itself rosettes fabric we need
  • 05:15: it create for it we wrong hand start perform here are These bugs to not to tip strewed it can be previously burn center the part we have tightened Now unfold and do unwrap the tape and we do first When sewing lepestochek tape
  • 05:45: center this will we cores of a flower sew this cores of Now grab more bokovushechku so here way and resulting
  • 06:19: cores of us now sew canvas or to our fabric preform will she we placed but in the middle leaving a small reserve for petals from the so-sew connect tape half and do here
  • 06:49: so here's a line in the several centimeters forward for the petals are will be located closer to the center is not necessary do enough long distance enough for a few turns contractible also tighten thread
  • 07:19: and sew directly into the middle of the future roses here here here in this way Now repeat our on the principle So the first
  • 08:03: we lepestochek attached but now we need it separated from the next tab for this output close needle seize up silk ribbon around and go to the same place from out and delaying look
  • 08:34: what happens as you see around if we are a little bit More release tape the tab will slightly larger as you can see around are formed here such here The more petals petals around you will gain the more respectively bud Rose and you will it is more natural will look so
  • 09:04: let's see more just left needle sins of the past few stitches forward here 3-4 stitch enough tightened thread and sewn directly to center
  • 09:35: then leave needle up and grab our satin tape In order to form the next tab simply wraps her around and tighten
  • 10:05: as it is possible, too, to thread to be seen upper petals posadochka pull do not need to do this, we just sew as a leaflet petal sew thread satin ribbon one end stretch across length can be here make one stitch just to sew
  • 10:35: this tape cloth to keep it if the size of the departed big enough rose and here following link rotated so that's way tape just like we captured leaves and sew all Shanker is almost ready
  • 11:06: now there are the remainder of the tip tape trim and hide under the whole structure rosettes and so try independently embroider here such here rosettes and I'm with you I say goodbye and wait for you in following lessons