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  • 00:00: Hello in touch Mariya Miroshnichenko and video distribution secrets beautification Today you will learn once secret creating pictures or pictures using the techniques of photo mounting this secret and simple you will understand it immediately and
  • 00:30: I'm sure you will simply remarkable pictures to your websites and blogs and so begin made it easy if you know a couple of secrets Well, let's here before you have a beautiful background Marine is an Indian ocean on a background of Ocean we are We deliver beautiful Woman Now this girl, and that's we have
  • 01:01: natural landscape so let's put here here so here way that we We saw what kartinochki we work if you Now this is no buttons that shows how organize your Pictures you will do in the following way Now I'll show you how go to kartinochku girls and that's it tool rectangular
  • 01:31: region selection rectangular the area of the first lessons you know how do it and will cut that is here so grab publish left a button clicked on hold took and identified and then editing cut go here on the kartinochku open our landscape editing insert and girl became
  • 02:01: so it's 1 way take a step back all return So and we initially like that's how do take a tool that moves pictures here it in the box with click on the top the girl is her photos and just so here toss here here we ship This can already be close
  • 02:32: Now we put both We need such let's let her have us let standing here Now we need to remove this one once on the gray background which is girl to to appear beautiful natural background for this, we will use mask tool
  • 03:02: working with mask you can do not just pictures real masterpieces if you understand the meaning of This tool is soon you will all shocked his pictures well, let us now we proceed We are here on a layer with our little girl actress we click right here on Now show me where we click here here here
  • 03:35: on this button Add a layer mask and then came a white square Now click on the square box that is we are found on It's not on this kartinochku girl namely on the mask only deal with mask in Mask mode present two colors black and
  • 04:05: white and will work just yet two flowers so go here click on here button here to the color of the main choose black Okay here we We check the white stands ok and click with mask We check take Now tool brush now I'm taller
  • 04:36: go up to or working taking tool Brush click on it so black check we stand on mask black brush and opacity hundred percent and just let's brush do more this here and here just start
  • 05:06: By clicking the mouse and starting administered and the picture is clicked so here we introduce and Thus, we We begin to remove we do not need background which is rear girl So nothing wrong if We have touched the hand somehow there hair still and I do now this we all now
  • 05:37: establish and subtract bodies now look black color we remove all unnecessary white we restore the we touched accidentally necessary for We pereschelkaem here here here to main component He went white and will do in less brush Now we introduce exactly on the picture girl to restore those
  • 06:07: elements which we accidentally touched so manner install That we removed by accident I hit the spout removal Now perescholkivaetsya
  • 06:37: remove black here here here snap white restoring arm picture with a hand and here here not even our swing here So I pereschelkivayu here blackleg to 10 whether perescholkivaetsya white stop body
  • 07:07: Peru so neatly in this way install so Vasya this is the first such Now let's moment here we have done increase our photo
  • 07:37: that is, the scale and or than about 200 and work here with these elements pereschelkivayu take black and neatly like this here and so remove in order to moving picture click here and so hand and move brush again take here we select
  • 08:07: can even here and so hair a little bit remove and now pereschelkaem and white a little bit of her in basically all the same She will be look better and how once again held till up For this more clearly and Move
  • 08:38: that here is this chornenkoe etc. Now take brush pereschelkivayu black to remove and so neatly in give so even a moment see the brush I work, I I chose just such a shading if you take a a hard round it will be very edge such clear
  • 09:08: limited in the the case is not quite us suited us We need so soft soft-touch and that's the way we yet we correct you can make the size slightly less so now I feel I need to be here fix brush and 10 times Now switch to the
  • 09:43: white and a little little white that is, 10 the news Room at the Pan It can be done brush here slightly less how and that's the way quietly This becomes arrays additional dome
  • 10:15: move the lower here here here take another brush slightly less and on pereschelkaem black here a little bit cinema perescholknet both we are rebuilding
  • 10:45: people our girls even if on the white So
  • 11:21: now on pereschelkayu here remove we move like this manner This black brush delete this way
  • 11:52: a little edge to there was no such sharply the shadow outline neatly and seek pereschelkivayu on white This on so here we tweaked is brighter with perescholknet
  • 12:22: Chernen'kii Chernen'kii more go through here and so a little while I'm here rome shadows perescholknet and knife all that stopped ge here, too, so that's sometimes what shade
  • 12:52: on the contrary they like it is necessary to fit a let's see what we made it make the mode 50 percent as we have It was here basically, we managed work and we turned beautiful girl background Indian ocean Now this picture remember that there file save as
  • 13:22: and referred to in mode gyapik ok and see that we have obtained here we our background, and this is our girl
  • 13:53: that's the way you are you can do kartinochki can certainly not longer and more work touch up slightly Now here Gray background here a little remove shadows but I It shows the principle of total principle as much as possible carefully make your picture on against some natural scenery success and and