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New Year's sphere from paper the hands. As it is EASY to make a New Year's sphere with own hands

New Year's sphere from paper the hands. As it is EASY to make a New Year's sphere with own hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone dear masters and masters in this video, I'll tell you how to make these here are the original Christmas balls on Christmas tree the most interesting that these New Year's balls can be made almost any material for example here are the balls made from sheets directory where to find very beautiful bright colorful get therefore the bead this varied for I introduced this ball foil paper this ball I glued from napkins
  • 00:31: that the napkins themselves I represent you now show for work for us I'll take it two cups one a smaller glass another bigger for one ball was turned smaller size another is bigger than us it is necessary pencil scissors glue The marker and I will do these balls of one a ball I will do with sheets from the catalog that is, I chose
  • 01:01: the brightest leaves second ball I will do from color Here she is semi-foil bright and third ball I I'll make out of these conditions and points napkins as a rule sold in stores where they are sold packing packing about different capacity packages sold in pack 200 pieces price 58 rubles and I I think that it is possible from here so many
  • 01:31: make about 10 balls to start I I will make blanks if we take a magazine and I I expect that I will have a diameter about this size on a piece of paper hang yourself about 4 such chicken for so that not as can be cut less scissors I add them four fold this circle now this circle
  • 02:06: a friend I cut out the same I will do the work color paper accurately also I will have 4 colors I make 5 items each color third ball I will do one of these here napkins but me it seems that white napkins are very pale and I want to so that they have brighter for this I take a marker and this one the edge is right here
  • 02:36: wide I will circle this napkin on the edge red marker Here and so I'm cooking 20 such details and so blanks from me are ready and now on these are the bright with a napkin I will show how to glue together the details mean that we
  • 03:07: do first first remove add workpiece half necessarily smooth the edge unfold and now add perpendicularly but here we are iron only one half second half do not ironing and now We need to glue together
  • 03:37: before you start glue together first form how we do it here we get on reverse side 3 fold here 1 2 and 3 to us you need these folds combine in one place do it here once here I'm dying combine 2 like this that's the way we will prepare our details here is the spa fold I collected and glued to
  • 04:07: glue pva simple universal adhesive make thin thin striped one and two invest in it all and keep it withered grabbed here is one detail we have already ready we need make 4 modules for
  • 04:39: five such details now i'm again show how to bend these details exactly I will do everything other parts and so take a napkin fold it in half first time smooth unfolding add up again in half but ironing only half
  • 05:09: now take it details penetrate and add up 1 killed two fold again about stroked to she is already well fixed and glue one more detail
  • 05:43: is ready It is necessary to do this here is a glue to apply very thin layer so that we get a grip only the edges details are ready for us now we need them connect the modules to each module there will be five such details most conveniently connect them first Dad 1 add first we glue two parts together glue can be here not thin You can here
  • 06:13: so here's even a make triangle smeared one detail glue we apply second and look so that we coincide necessarily an angle because this is ours child models we press we wait when wither will dry two more details we apply also triangle and paste where there is not
  • 06:43: very openwork places where there is more space we put two little angles first 1 and we already have a little bit fixed days we glue the third detail combining in a little
  • 07:16: here we hold now it is possible already glue those two details of which had to be glued together in pairs now we are already we spread two at once the details triangle and apply
  • 07:48: we press one detail we press the second detail now with us they are a little bit shifted this was due to what is not to the end yet dry up so we we are not dry it's all straightened out and correct now give module to dry out
  • 08:18: such here it is possible do not glue modules together only glue pva but also two-sided brothers scotch but the following module I rather exchange with double-sided scotch tape slices already cut prepared so that it was not convenient for them take so much press it to one layer stuck remove this layer which we have is not glutinous
  • 08:51: it turns and press the next detail fix necessarily an angle and press it in contrast from came to you here fixation occurs immediately in mode all parts are already ready here you can glue them all in a row now we will do the following
  • 09:21: in the same way we remove not an adhesive layer paste from me the module consists of multi-colored details so I alternate them 4 so they have me close each other neither on whom and not
  • 09:51: repeated next 8 red detail that also fixed
  • 10:24: and glue last detail we are applying now two pieces of scotch each not remove adhesive layer insert and fix
  • 10:56: mandatory corners corner and edge right here, too Socially so next item the next module ready to leave middle everyone was afraid the most voluminous the second module is ready so we are preparing 4 our modules Are ready and now to us
  • 11:26: we must connect them for that they are good And I joined you I'll show you how you should glue we take we look that here these here are two details fell between a friend other details another module so here is something there is we first apply look where we will approximately pass laziness and gluing and now apply glue on these places that is, she is obtained from us passes not here on in the middle of these details and a little bit
  • 11:56: on the side of one piece we spreading one strip we do the door and one and at this place we add two the details another module correct that they we have a smooth edge were here to we do not have a middle shifted and we wait when not fixed exactly
  • 12:27: also we glue the following two modules that is, we apply one a strip per detail 2 strips on another one and one strip inside part and we put two the details I understand it is clear that they we are very good
  • 12:59: neatly friend about friend entered and looked check that we have the middle does not shifted to shooting really was with a rubber band for sure just as we glued modules and napkins we glue the module from colored paper here I 'll already take the glue because here below the outside Scotch tape work uncomfortably plastered three details but also here here that's when I'll be
  • 13:34: must be inserted look not to connected parts of the same color modes and wait when will dry up here's the middle of us principle coincided with one following two module so we look that at we are the same colors
  • 14:04: were not in one place apply glue dandy I must watch until these two dry
  • 14:34: details we will connect these glued modules now we are exactly also first try on here is how they could be here this way here they glue us and plaster now now with scotch tape here you can principle
  • 15:05: spread on each detail but in the same way not at the very center they must develop as follows way if we hold this one here so here is something this is no longer the same warehouses and here so here and they are like couples each other includes
  • 15:35: managed sends to another now look where you can come
  • 16:05: we still have until it was fixed could I have pasted here a ribbon behind which we will hang it in hint promazyvat glue for ribbon two times with glue we have should be a plastered widely here so that the ribbon and one and the second part is not in halves
  • 16:35: stuck together later add up with another detail now we have just wait when it withers and now connect here these two details are two module which we had from foil
  • 17:05: look but here we are already can not guess how they will attack us spread all with glue parties here and immediately a twig driven and on top again
  • 17:46: I'll put this on good than that creepily that he well glues and fabric and paper and leave it there is here I showed will be treated like this but another perpendicularly look like we have on the opposite did the the edges are like this wonderful balls
  • 18:37: and here is such a ball we came out of catalog here I'm still a little bit I cheated on checked how will glue glue two-sided scotch and tried here to paste on stapler in principle the slipway is also good fixes and if we here they glued a stapler here would braces would be seen here you could see a here it turns out once we have a drawing multicolored scopes copier is not visible here
  • 19:08: it turns out only paste ribbon and ball New Year's Ready look please write in comments which ball you more I liked everything and formed paper and napkins or with the directory and set your name if you think it's really easy