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We knit a cap a turban | the Cap turban spokes | MK on knitting of a cap of a turban  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi all me name is Kate and today we will bind hat making where we will start our knitting course we measurements with them the main measurement that we need this girth in my head the case is 56 cm this figure we share half get 28 cm we multiply by 3, and We get 84 centimeters stores and motorcycle young designers I'll show you
  • 00:30: not on the basis of this here finished and of course on the basis of alas so new that it happened black but I I think we will it is clear we gain 23 loops on the spokes number 4 and knit English gum knit English gum knit as you wish can be freely
  • 01:00: tightly how to love knit fabric directly length 84 cm yes yes here is where we and need this number we measured 84 it turns out we have here such a long scarf which does not write into the chamber below we measure the middle Our web and somehow it Now I note I try to mention it I deal marker
  • 01:30: said seredinku marker now we We will collect a layer scientists take one and puts an end it's here Right off the mark on take the other end and applying it to the other hand I turned it around good and now we We need to sew This end here and this here the end of this part
  • 02:01: edge, we are not particularly We can stretch Conversely little Bomber because as we see here this we will zatylochek You see here a little bit when assembled, even if if you do not gather in you will be here square angle is It is ugly therefore it is necessary send a little here from 1c Now we have sewn We need to do more 3 it was here connect to the top
  • 02:31: slightly higher the side a little bit It managed to connect on the other hand little afford to do three joint a longer seams here here the side seams ten centimeters central seam here This 15 centimeters length but look and measure yourself adjust to a Thank you for attention
  • 03:01: bye Bye