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Pie on Kefir in 7 minutes + Time for Pastries!

Pie on Kefir in 7 minutes + Time for Pastries!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to our kitchen today will cooking light fast air and delicious cake kefir everything is done very I quickly take bowl break guessed sleep sugar and all
  • 00:30: quickly whisk so the sugar with the eggs I whipped Nibble at all kefirchik mix It was such a Overhead airbag weight Now here I get enough sleep flour naturally
  • 01:00: sifted baking powder slightly prisalivaem and schepotochku you on and a small pinch all again all so our dough is ready
  • 01:36: here is but we it can be beautiful and in this way to put bake well, I'm a bit in adorn add 100 grams of nuts and that sheet You can not add add and you can add Elysium apricots are dried fruits which have You have, I chose to yourself nuts all the dough ready now I take silicone mold
  • 02:06: well greased oil so nothing skips Now I cautiously pour their dough that's possible But in one of his pour the batter and very such liquid itself It will be spread on the molds Nehru rank
  • 02:36: them Now I put my pie in the oven we have Oven is heated to 180 degrees somewhere minutes 30-35 but rather general insure themselves need to check some wood or toothpick or match in general so put time I check passed your cupcake poyasnichka
  • 03:08: ready What we hunk We get our cake Now I want it the top a little bit soak it jam we still have very warm so will jam well absorbed so here the guy I It is taken in liquid I left and that I and
  • 03:38: still do it prisyplyu I really checks left a little I had a cookie interrupted and a blender I made just such a honeyed crumb you know as they say on the bottom of the barrel and Scratch bake bake bun
  • 04:08: see this I get a beauty here's my pie on yogurt ready yourself saw that the products and I took those who have each family has necessarily the refrigerator is very easy to quickly well, very tasty obtained a blinded from the fact that out very delicious all pleasant appetite thanks to all who has been with me I am watching my video I will be very glad if
  • 04:38: you my recipe enjoy and come in handy subscribe to our kitchen channel all happy