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  • 00:00: hello my dear viewers I offer you cook very delicious juicy Apple pie we need three eggs and a half cup flour 1 full glass sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar a pinch of salt 180 grams of creamy oil 1 teaspoon baking powder 3 5 apples cinnamon liquid honey or jam and so let's let's start the butter laying the bowl mixer we add
  • 00:30: sugar is also added Vanilla sugar and pinch of salt after which one by one add eggs each once thoroughly whisking in the end we get here
  • 01:08: such a dense cream then add the flour and baking powder mix it turns out this thick dough spread the dough in form because I use silicone form for
  • 01:38: baking I do not oil with vegetable oil a just wet the water my apples are sliced then lay out apples for dough I sliced apples and thin enough plates and laid on the surface of the pie however if you want the pie was juicier then apples can be cut thicker pieces and spread out a little pressing into the dough on top of apples sprinkle with cinnamon put in preheated up to 200 degrees oven and bake about 25
  • 02:08: minutes readiness check the wooden wand well finishing touch hot pie it is necessary to water liquid honey or jam cover with a towel and leave to cooling precisely at the expense of
  • 02:38: use of honey or liquid preserves we get succulent delicious pie jam or liquid honey softens apples slightly withered in oven during baking that's so handsome in We get thank you for what have looked to me in guests on the channel for your subscription support likes and comments all the best to you and your loved ones until see you soon a pleasant tea party