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  • 00:00: hello to all today the long-awaited video about nails I promised tell you what I say I revive my nails as I completely changed their form and what means I used to improve their naughty pekin as I begin to talk about Nails I want to say right away that I'm all this not invented not found on the Internet I completed a vocational school in manicure and nail extensions now my nails look like this I received a huge amount compliments for their videos about what ears beautiful nails are so beautiful
  • 00:31: the form long they and the like because I do manicure minor very soft long fingernails to me a little stirs therefore Here it is tatlin which to me most convenient and I always try this kind of keeping their very very very strong gnawed with freight very strong sometimes when watched some terrible movie or worried stabbed before the fact that the hands and it was just scary to look at the nails of course she tried to fight herself mother grandfather and something rubbed there sharp but it did not help me anyway
  • 01:04: she gnawed already happens to the nails when since the childhood we gnaw them in the first place absolutely everything affects our fingernails starts from the environment shampoo detergents absolutely everything with than contacting our fingernails influences on their formula on their quality on their density on their color absolutely for all but of course also our state of health and nutrition, but it is when we, or very briefly we cut off our nails of our childhood or
  • 01:34: gryzem in childhood, then nail the plate is shortened I do not mean free edge that we have white colors in healthy nails namely the part of the nail that we have pink it constantly shortens shorter and shorter just same occurs when the parents are very very small children so that they do not scratched cut as much as possible Only it is possible more shortly nogotochki not understanding about what harm they do to the nails of a child from the very childhood
  • 02:05: small blouses for small children go with armlets all sorts of things like they are right are called mnjashchy the children are not present and here These are the gloves that are worn on small children to protect themselves from own success foot. knowingly invented them because the nails can not be cut to the very most edge that the nail plate at us not shorten the nail plate very hard so it's better than the beginning it does not spoil it than after a long and tedious
  • 02:37: try to fix it well, in my childhood warm up your nails to the point that I have there was a nail plate very short once you become a girl and more adults already want beautiful nails and then you start to think about why did it do it and how is it You can fix what still happens with nails in addition to the fact that the nail is shortened plate nail plate up It starts to expand very easily to observe on men's hands a very large the number of men nails grow not
  • 03:08: exactly like here and a little bit are resolved to the top of this also because of that they are cut as short as possible their nails to them as little as possible to be engaged here and at my fingernails or nails was very short nail plate and they grew slightly widening both for nail extensions became popular Of course, I also went to a friend and asked me to build up my nails so this it was nice, it was beautiful for me finally there was a visually long
  • 03:38: nail plate plus I myself still constantly increasing french all it was healthy but constantly nails do not increase will be and sooner or later you're still their removed and nails what were such and the moment came when I decided herself to learn as much as she can about everything nails and find a way to improve your I started to look for nails in which you can go for it to be that school which is interested in you to be as best as possible Professional to know about nails
  • 04:08: all of all all of the training was not cheap. trained and two and a half months and we were not taught only nail extension material which we used and so on we the anatomy of the arm begins brush which bones like that and why it is it was very interesting and it was difficult but when you have a purpose sometime understanding why you came here and was on this prepared when a profit of both types looked on my nails that I
  • 04:38: build up from her friend she looked at me so pitifully and says so probably we will start today. volume of harm extruded nails that are not broken correctly and not to professionals after information she told on this topic, I took off my nails for the next same day but because I realized what else more damage my nails so how can I change the shape of your nail- shaped nails there are absolutely different I will show you now in the picture from someone they
  • 05:10: almond shaped at someone trapezoidal someone square of someone oval originally the most important is the original function of nail extensions this change in its form is in fact nail extension works on nails just like a plate for alignment of teeth The brace is pulled over the correct form and over time your teeth get the same shape as you your record is tightened too nails
  • 05:41: if the professional is a good master knowledgeable your business will increase your nails then time is not a month and not two of course The shape of the nail will get the shape that you have a gel or acrylic is mold that hinders the nail plate grow wrong nail The plate gets used to this form of nail and grows in the form in which in Russia new Of course, if you have increased a lot of day professional and you have increased it wrong and not in the right form then your new one will grow over time
  • 06:11: the form that imagine you build it our nail plate and when it laid out on the nail plate the material squeezes our formochku immediately say this is not very Pleasant professional procedure the master will perfectly round the shape of the nail And this form will be like Scull in the form of which will be time to grow your nail this one semicircle of nail plate called with a bend and that's how It will be correct here this bend
  • 06:42: so it will be correct then in the future is your nail shape if you build up but here that's how it is your nail plate for six months there or longer will grow like this if you Overdone it curved but here it is so then your nail plate will eventually Grow up like this so you should understand when you go to build up your nails If you go there for the sake of fix your nail shape then go to professional, let it be more expensive you will know what you will get in
  • 07:13: The result is an excellent shape of your nails in order to correct my form nails she was very neglected to me it took about a year maybe a little the more I increased the nails did correction without removing the nails somewhere about 3 months took off her nails gave them a week and a half to rest nails increased again and so on. did a whole year on this I gradually noticed how the my form of nails
  • 07:43: this made me very happy and for today I'm very happy with my nails and I now honestly can not even believe it that once my nails grew like this shape paws if you have good ones You do not need to increase your nails, but if you want to change your form to who is the only thing that can get you help correct nail extension is ideal can change the shape of your nail plates what's going on with our natural nails when we long We go with the broken material gel and
  • 08:13: acrylic there is no difference, many they say, I increased my nails afterwards and took off and you would see my nails they were just awful were tiny as a film they were very flexible in general a complete nightmare nails are disgusting never in life I will not increase the increase occurs with the nails if you ever managed to something to break and you set up a cast then it will be even clearer to you You put a plaster on your leg and you You are in this plaster for
  • 08:44: for example a month or one and a half there if on legs begin to atrophy due to lack of movement and in general any influence on your muscle and when you get a plaster cast your muscle is very limp leg thin very weak and you need physical activity which you are a little bit over a bit will increase and restore your muscle that will turn back into tonus of the correct form and so on exactly the same happens with your nail plate all people are born with
  • 09:15: soft nail plate and all small children, it is very thin and soft after not activities until you develop your nails and understand that they need to be strengthened It becomes harder to tighter resist all external influences and so gradually our nails becomes stronger and stronger and stronger when we put the material on the nails The nail plate understands that there is no longer you do not need to strain to resist the wind is not necessary
  • 09:45: resist external influences not one must resist absolutely nothing and not gradually gradually become such as they were with you before like a small child they do not become worse they just forget about that they need to do something, they gradually atrophy and when removed you have nails you need to remember your nails and how to strengthen our nails as restore their strength and good dense form and also its
  • 10:15: I will tell you the natural white color in next video