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rybny CUTLETS ☀ with a mushroom stuffing in tomato sauce according to the recipe of my mother of Fish cutlets tomato sauce  See details »

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  • 00:00: and [music] Hello everyone today cook the most delicious fish cakes in tomato sauce mushroom stuffing on recipe is my mom dish always present at our festive table it very simple and yet very delicious and beautiful I Now cut the cutlet and show you
  • 00:30: what is it in look like this incredibly delicious in my family the most tasty fish cutlets prepares my Mom if I will I will cook this on her plate at the recipe and for this I need fish fillets here I have two of these fairly large spinnerets about 600 gram fillet quite a big fish so there is no I buy seed immediately ready fillets
  • 01:00: so as not to mess with pits for breading cutlets not I need some approximately 100 grams of flour I will add minced onions I have only dish leaves about 260 grams onions half of it pour half slump I need sauce mushrooms you can take Any it cherries or mushrooms sign 120 grams in I have one here
  • 01:30: here is a great clip this royal oyster and me We need carrots 1 among a little bit of garlic 45 cloves of fact I will be add semolina here I have 25 grams Nurse but capacious you look at minced consistency with noise from adding or a little less as I need your 1 sauce egg I use tomato paste here
  • 02:00: I have 100 grams tomato paste does not We need such I spice you choose spices that I like here I found spices that I will add minced here I salt sugar salt natural sugar We will take to taste quarter teaspoon chili pepper flakes chili take on its discretion quarter teaspoon teaspoon white pepper teaspoon dried
  • 02:30: garlic and tea teaspoon dried coriander and sauce for meatballs I cook and add bay leaf in it and allspice peas and naturally go to a regular black pepper sugar and salt and of course first zaymomsya preparing stuffing chop into pieces blender I cut all the fish to pieces at the same time
  • 03:02: convinced that I nowhere seed if in a very bad cutlets are come across bones it is very unpleasant and crushed all the fish I already grind I send it in a bowl and Now and Me
  • 03:33: it is necessary to chop onions This half an onion I I leave for the sauce I will add minced I'm also in a blender I post garlic but I'm not entire 2 cloves to leave too sauce chops onions and garlic Crush
  • 04:04: I look grind is not fully in this mess and to some more pieces We feel and all I send in a bowl I add minced egg [applause] add all the spices and here I also salt and sugar 1 teaspoon spoonful of sugar
  • 04:36: necessarily then add minced minced meat will be much delicious sugar acts as a flavor enhancer I mix all I first spoon and Now he came out well oh well kneaded all of these here add brand in
  • 05:08: I do not fish much so wet so I will not be the nurse all add add partly sure if you add minced semolina We need to mince I stood for a moment to semolina and swelled by Now I have to understand everything if I enough stuffing and salt in I take a little spice mince and now I put it in
  • 05:39: microwave I have it prepare and I I try it and I'll know Yet I have enough in my answers I tried my minced meat and I do not enough salt so I have to I'll salt also recommend to bypass the burgers They were tasty My minced completely he is very willing delicious and now for I'll make meatballs stuffing stuffing at me today mushroom I turned on
  • 06:09: warm up pan I pour it on Little vegetable oil I cut the onion principle Here it does not matter how we we shall cut onions as I onions and mushrooms I will be a little more grind in a blender stuffing was such a fine onions ship to pan and immediately I cut mushrooms onions began gold
  • 06:39: and I add mushrooms and I fry up beautiful gold mushrooms and onions I bit at Salem add ground black pepper to filling was too boring and stirring so great
  • 07:13: It smells like mushrooms very well, I love this recipe, these burgers just amazingly delicious mushrooms and onions in my browned and I immediately as I shift them into a bowl so that they cooled down and the I leave the pan below I will cook sauce for meatballs mushrooms onions I do grind a little blenders in Basically it is possible and
  • 07:44: but not to do the filling in cutlets very looks nice when she was rather small here to the point I chop stuffing look at me slices across the I have not done Just as such a mess namely slices of mushrooms and the bow will felt and now I have everything is ready and I can to form what is I like that in the form of where I will spread cutlets I formed it lubricate lightly
  • 08:15: vegetable oil you might wonder why I both types will spread form they fry in pan I will show a little secret which is very speed up the process making candy I moisten hands with water I do take minced knead and went to here spread stuffing on the alert natural place as much as you
  • 08:46: like more filling and forming cutlet which was then I have to roll in flour look what cutlet I I get it yet I put in the flour and will shape again next I moisten hands with water I take a little minced I knead it put stuffing I form close
  • 09:18: cutlet everything is very simple cutlets size makes to choose which you like and I send in flour enveloping bouquet and gently spread in their the shape is such cutlet obtained I spread them all
  • 09:48: shape and so I will form all the remaining patties I formed all burgers and now master secret preparation of this dishes, I send them to approximately oven 12-15 minutes cutlets on top seized and they were then do not fall apart in sauce and will not used excess fat from butter it is very tasty and helpful oven I
  • 10:18: I warmed to 190 degrees griddle on which I cooked with mushrooms I will cook onions I take the sauce garlic in the pan I poured some vegetable oil Now garlic finely less often and add oil to oil has become a very pleasant aroma I fry the garlic and
  • 10:50: cut into small Dice the onion when garlic browned add onions and immediately less carrots such costs aroma of garlic gives a pleasant odor simply awesome carrot carrots can
  • 11:25: Grate if you and will please do as do you like carrots also send pan and fry when carrots and onions in my I have browned I add on pan tomato paste and immediately pour here water
  • 11:56: approximately 500 600 milliliters well mix what a beautiful sauce Now it turns out I here to get enough sleep bay sheet and pepper I add black pepper
  • 12:27: Again, all of this we do bite add salt and Of course I love sugar the sauce was necessarily sweet so I always sufficient a lot of sugar add flavor should be a sour sweet tomato and gives sour taste add sugar and get a very
  • 12:58: a delicious sweet and sour tomato sauce necessarily all We try to make it delicious my great sauce I'm ready to turn it off burgers I got out of the oven they began to look here are plump they grabbed and already in sauce they have me not razlezutsya top and I they pour the sauce and
  • 13:29: immediately all and I will send cook up readiness is about another 30 minutes my wonderful fishcakes already ready they remarkable
  • 13:59: you smell does not I want to represent show you how delicious and beautiful here the sauce burgers you can eat and hot and cold and it seems to me that even they taste better cold when they are more brew preparing burgers in oven I have another 40 minutes now, I'll post on a plate cutlets first i I will make a pillow vegetables and on top of the pillow will
  • 14:31: spread cutlet and another I'll try this tasty hamburger I I know that she is very delicious and because of recipe my mom very delicate very
  • 15:04: a juicy juicy stuffing tasty mushroom stuffing incredibly delicious tomato sauce prepare these cutlets on holiday just so the house is very tasty, I wish all pleasant appetite place huskies subscribe on channel ludaeasycook positive kitchen leave your comments, and of course share this new videos with your
  • 15:34: friends all while [music]