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Candies from carrots: the video recipe - 7 dachas  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] early winter time to appear on dacha to get out of basements vegetables that together on the plot of fruit homework we learn about what of can be cooked a variety of dishes [music]
  • 00:35: and not only ordinary poetic dishes but also do culinary creativity here for example the usual carrots that out of it can be cooked lettuce pancake casserole add to soup wants something brand-new try it cook carrot candy is tasty useful and very unusual for cooking carrot candies to you need carrots the enemy sugar sugar powder or confectionery raisins, walnuts or manna pine nuts cereals
  • 01:06: boil the carrots let her through meat grinder along with raisins and dried apricots from semolina cook a thick porridge on the water chop the nuts mix everything ingredients with sugar from the resulting mass form the sweets in form of balls and roll in confectionery dumps or powdered sugar put in fridge to froze [music] these sweets can be
  • 01:42: there is everyone without exceptions and have them one secret they very useful for maintaining a beautiful figures unlike other candy so you see from ordinary carrots can be done physical unusual since the dish simple fast and easy to manufacture principle, you can do this will do together and children [music]