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  • 00:00: Hello, friends I want to show harvested sweet pepper on winter has been pepper wash Now it stands now, I will clean and I should pan water there should boil here since I mean purify it like we Freezer bags
  • 00:35: I'm freezing I bought his show clearing the text should have been charged no drawstrings me the water was saucepan and boil now we our peppers drop for 2 minutes boiling water in a a small pot not all at once fit so we We are going to do step by step [applause]
  • 01:17: that's two minutes suitable end we begin to choose found people that's the second part
  • 01:58: Pepper is ready we do take out and when they cool and we We continue to have peppers We cooled down and we them lay here in Freezer bags take here and so one pepper and lay inside 2 then 3 as matryoshka 4 Then they began more flexible after
  • 02:29: we them failed two minutes in boiling water like that one party is ready, we can see salary you dream in previous years, I have done Asuras do not freeze but they take much more space and it is inconvenient because it would be desirable for many
  • 03:01: frozen foods so here trying not to break of course trying not to Parma does not break pepper laying his here and here so releasing all the air of the package and tying bag
  • 03:35: all the package is ready to frozen and put in freezer so here it looks prepared for these peppers and we put them is stored in freezer Thank you for Attention subscribe to my channel to ambulances meetings