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  • 00:00: Hello dear fans sewing on the last tutorial, I showed you how to do this here pocket and promised show that the second version of the same pockets for something and provide two options for to once again draw your attention to the fact that method of processing It depends on the properties tissues that we process and on style first embodiment More pockets suitable for products Lined Crosslinked
  • 00:30: of fat or medium thickness tissues second embodiment It may make some of tissues thinner if the first option pocket can added after fitting that an option that I I show you today should be planned pre-let consider this option before you front of the skirt I seams Now You Do
  • 01:00: exactly the same pocket on this side but this second way that I He promised to show So, I have a and a piece of foil Now that I have happened symmetric detail of the same I retake water with this side now I so do I take that's up to the lower part pocket necessarily Tracings here this line and the seam allowance Well, I'm going to do one
  • 01:31: centimeter here the seam allowance and more on tracing Hire separately this pocket is this individual parts and the third component is it will detail how to the top with pocket sacking here it will be here so in length but this part can be removed turning on the skirt this side and to describe here so to
  • 02:01: pocket bottom is It will be a whole piece now it will be all of underlying tissue and there will still be a part this pocket bag here part of that It will be drawn the main piece skirt Yes it is, if this version of burlap pocket was all of lining of the Second embodiment 1 part will be from
  • 02:32: the base fabric and the second of lining here it is clear to What do we use use here such option in products from thick fabrics here so in the field of pocket was not excess thickness Well then of course better to close it all lining and if you e.g. sew robe or dress lining here is that second embodiment will way because all Now, this area will be of underlying tissue see what I
  • 03:03: We have just received Paper details here This pocket detail to the main part with this side of me paper of this is in I you extreme tissue and is sacking two great items to be are cut out the underlying tissue the main part skirt and the upper part with calling it in his pocket
  • 03:35: of the base fabric is of lining it also from basic Fabric yes detail with fold, and that's how I them carve already let on this side see it here I detail the most bang her taped already interlining such checks detail here is how the main part skirt inside the burlap
  • 04:05: pocket of lining and here This long piece which with stops in the pocket here such details now! We will sew first you need to do here is a sandwich Now take this dual detail add up face to face and on top of another and pocket bag here This pink detail it is like a jam sandwiches and
  • 04:35: cleave together postrochila split pins get this turn away pocket sacking inside and get here so the front side And this is from the wrong the interior of the already processed cleanly and turns and we add to this long upper
  • 05:10: part here definitely it should be noted where you will sew the upper part of the lower Now I have a label I start pocket You apply the label of cells and bulavochkoy shear and this mark you applied pocket line I Here, too, is mark This is a rock like this happened
  • 05:44: now I need to the inside of stitch here and handle overlock I'll do it well then show that it is not I received processed within of the overlock and took place well it can immediately 4 thread overlock line process and now you can Details stapled between We are launching a face to face here Now I will do Scola line course
  • 06:14: pre and I will then place processed and overlocking processed overlocking All this part and all pocket is ready shear I will check vertical position so as not to bubbles were then Only I will sew
  • 06:44: here's the view from the front hand finished feed on the view from here seamy side you you can see that the pocket it is a snap the strength to perform even for beginners sewing enthusiasts