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  • 00:00: Good day today cook potatoes on this sausage sausage with slight nuances of course if national cuisines many Slavic peoples and Belarus and in the Lithuanian and Polish and Ukrainian I will prepare your option preparing this sausage enough just fast it turns out delicious So start by pepper we need potatoes pork onion spices and pig intestines or beginning I sodium onions a very fine grater rub it into mush here Onion can be taken over I take a taste of onions
  • 00:30: minimum number literally one onion why and what to 5 not to have potatoes and because that sliced or grated potatoes quickly darkens onions and there therefore prevents first to rub onions and so in this mush we will put sliced potatoes I'll be on fries it is cut chopped finely there are recipes where potatoes Grate and I think this sausage turns less so delicious I prefer cut sliced potatoes immediately
  • 01:00: onion spread porridge stirred so it does not darkened as I said I I used in the recipe minimum onions number only to save potato color all can used to take Magnifier more you can remove it by taste and Luca take so much his number comparable to number potato onion can finely chop and add potatoes It can be put on the usually fry fried in lard or vegetable I just butter recipe I took kilogram potato in addition to potatoes vip add sausage
  • 01:31: sliced ​​pork neck and the weight and about half of potato that is, me about pound neck you can cook fries on sausage Only with potatoes without meat can be cook meat and quantity of meat can can vary add a little the meat can be added its a little more usually all the same meat many do not add not more than half the weight if a potato also finely chopped meat can twist on grinder will another taste here just can use grinder but I still
  • 02:01: I prefer to cut meat need enough fat on my neck I think it perfect fat ratio Internal fat and meat obtained juicy sausage can be use chalk chopped pork fat and drier of the drier as part of the pork here I added finely chopped garlic garlic as well as taste sometimes garlic do not put too here Add salt about a tablespoon spoon black ground pepper and added a couple bay leaves, they dry them finely
  • 02:31: added size and then all is well mix well to us potatoes mixed with meat and all got such a It was such a uniform mixture and then all this beauty we will need to pack pork I will gut ready to use pig intestines and buy for solo video and before the use of a well washed pouring a few hours of fresh water and then I dress on tube this tube can be fixed grinder course pre councils
  • 03:01: all knives so the process will quickly as possible fill your hands and Kapoma convenient as long as I will say that I I am using thin pig intestines but some kitchens for example in the search for potato sausage take thick pork colon because they more fat mass get another taste this sausage baked in the oven This is perhaps should dedicate This recipe is a separate time to deal the fact that stuffed intestine itself It has done all this easy enough just quickly without special problems here the main thing that they
  • 03:31: filled enough uniformly and the same no kill intestine that is not fill them too close to sausage not in the cooking process He cracked so align fashion sausage need to periodically twist to how to break the overall sausage length on smaller sausages If suddenly in some place the gut breaks always possible, and in this place and cut tie and uzelochek stuff farther the presentation is not such quantity got sausage because Kubasov
  • 04:02: the cooking process is not frontal her pinned thin needles so little italy prepared I first sausage I opened the and then fry boiled sausage large number of boiling water is somewhere after 10 minutes the water is second boils We give it boil Ten minutes gat sausage to her father to continue, you can put sausage in refrigerator is about three days it may well live refrigerator
  • 04:32: and then fry then when you It will need a right after the park dry sausage and roast course such as roast sausage well on lard just me This time there is a piece of 6 new fat Put the sausage and fry it up eggs ready sausage is not fast somewhere probably minutes forty it should be good to fry sausage and well blushed, and at the same time we have it contents reached full readiness
  • 05:02: parcel within us meat inside potatoes color is okay fry thoroughly Now turn over So svyazochka and this whole sausage as an independent dish although possible other options and so potato sausage they are not ready will wish you a pleasant appetite cook just enough fast very tasty very at home All the best