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Knitted children's hat! Baby Beanie! knitting.vyazaniye for beginners.

Knitted children's hat! Baby Beanie! knitting.vyazaniye for beginners.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello now I will show you how you can tie that's a cap is designed it is on the volume of the head 338 ie centimeters from zero to three months newborn
  • 00:30: girls openwork cap It fits easily and so on if you like then proceed to this cap us need beads great in straziki I did straziki spread on the adhesive Gun can simply any beads and
  • 01:02: strazik Ribbon we need cm 50 60 I took on the yarn nursery Lisa 2by wide Atrium hook C grade Three is the number for the
  • 01:32: Strapping upper part hats you who want to can not oblige undergirding also on your choice then spoke to us We need number 2 and we need it for stitching you all we need to our manufacturing hat and so proceed
  • 02:04: I spoke to two room scored ninety four loops and now we will bind four rows of garter knit 1 shooting an edge on us all hinges completely knit to end of row facial
  • 02:36: so we were binding 4 ryadochka Garter is is 1 2 3 4 number of all loops facial so knit 4 rows
  • 03:12: Garter we will bind openwork first pattern a number of openwork pattern remove an edge PM loop 2 knit purl even doing sc 1 St Petersburg is not removed provyazyvaya on right spoke next and knit face for someone not apply our
  • 03:46: tied petelechku the front knit next knit then purl two along the front sc So we knit the first row of openwork pattern then her husband to fight the end of a number of repeat also just knit 2 purl sc
  • 04:19: provyazyvaya not remove but the next loop facial steam not apply our provyazanuyu what egg on face knit next 2 together purl front nakida again repeat 2
  • 04:50: backstitches sc provyazyvaya not remove facial's apply then removed the bird Wrong 2 together front sc and so we knit openwork pattern beer is brewed until the end of ri
  • 05:20: world. provyazyvaem nakida 2 purl nakida not remove provyazyvaya front
  • 05:50: so we will continue to Knit the first row to the end of the series Uzhur Who's the first number
  • 06:33: openwork pattern so we dovyazali up the end of the first row Zhevnova pattern even I can not knit the second row second row we shoot edge and all knit loops of let the facial pattern facial purl Wrong we nakida we will provyazyvat
  • 07:03: purl loops so we were binding the second a number of facial facial sc provyazyvaem seamy purl loop purl knit so until the end of series
  • 07:39: so we knit second row of fatty pattern even we
  • 08:10: 1 to repeat a number of and take us to the right the height of the product ie Matthew calf will knit as 1 then as a second series 4 stage we turn we will knit 20 centimeters tracery viscous
  • 08:40: so provyazyvaem 20 centimeters, and so knit 20 centimeters tracery matings we will close our loop cap vyvyazyvayut two together
  • 09:11: facial on left needle reset petelechku Again two provyazyvaem with facial ago return petelechku 5 2 together facial return 2 together petelechkoy facial and so we provyazyvaem until the end number of close all petelechki
  • 09:41: much to bear, and so agile Continue to the end
  • 10:11: a number is closed until the end of petelechki got We last we tighten thread then we can
  • 10:43: leave in such a form or treat Crochet edge because would you like up cap it already in your discretion is possible so retain you need to crochet This is the same want
  • 11:13: then I tied
  • 11:51: edge of upper cap in this way would make a wavy yes books around the edge
  • 12:31: Well can Pascu make any, too you might want and do not bind same as you like and so on until the end of the series
  • 13:19: the top it xxiv side seam practically insensibly our gut-wrenching product and distance somewhere between
  • 13:50: most top Shapochkin five centimeters six of us in the holes fall ribbon and be straight girls will do ribbon and so threading a ribbon delayed wear hats tied bow here
  • 14:21: I turned to such cap and hat you can decorate Kage or what name and beads and sequins so, too, need leave it already your choice Such is turned in our cap if you pleasant place Like come on my
  • 14:51: channel all the best bye