Vasiliy Harkavenko

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New oven on working off, gram svarki.use of waste oil in the oven.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today will show their new products oven for working out many asked questions that are here oven iron their very many can not weld Whether it is easier and there So I decided to make stove made of bricks without single welding drop welding here Now there is absolutely no its time waiting for the stove and look at what work here
  • 00:31: the lower tray my box is zinc out of ammo here already poured oil somewhere around three and a half liter take a piece of paper from ordinary Court papers pour little kerosene and how much kindle put forward there
  • 01:03: open the gate no adjustment flap about to be Now the oven flare up and so that's completely oven went into operation It took only half an hour injector heating almost all
  • 01:34: red It runs smoothly It is used in dip iron pipes and metal type convention this fan the air cleaner kitchen flexible pipes to It could be possible to where you want to send This transition is also
  • 02:04: flexible pipe aluminium and the same house course I Now we look to the outlet temperature here now room 20 degrees Let's see not included
  • 02:37: fan mode convention current itself gives 210,212 here's degrees include fan It has somewhere stop at 96 degrees
  • 03:07: I put here regulator can adjust speed engine the upper flap shore lyre now it covered one third here I have arranged
  • 03:40: drop counter here's to be seen to the stove always It operates smoothly level in the tank must be virtually fixed to it not regulated not I smoked here again I set up and all the stove It works from the injector almost red
  • 04:10: the injector itself is 8 Six rows of holes holes in a number of forty eight nine holes with half mm height injector 380 and 40 millimeters millimeters more here comes this brick layer That's how I have arranged hatch for tank Now you can even
  • 04:43: or windows open Watch it here a brick bolted all that's in this mode the furnace can be operated week before cleaning I go with the hose the other side of the wall there stands the tank so we will see stand one degree on
  • 05:15: output continuously after oven stop it still remains hot for 6 more 8:00 heat very good It took just 40 bricks this design Well that's all this Petechka
  • 05:46: thank you for all Attention