How IMPERCEPTIBLY to close loops when knitting AROUND spokes  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: In this video I will show how to close the loop Circular knitting and a junction will almost imperceptible to start we recruit for two spoke right the number of loops 1 loop is not taken into account when typing We recruit the right
  • 00:30: and the number of loops plus one because first we I have not taken into account I type one and plus 18 each I spoke to 6 5 one loop we leave So I dialed 19
  • 01:01: loops one loop we goes and stays on six loops on each spoke here this The first loop we kill is distributed to six loops 1 7 remaining 6 Now distributed
  • 01:33: closes spokes cock and right spokes we We enter the first loop on the left spoke and stretch it through loop on the right needle and reset u know right side, and so got 6 stitches and each one spoke loop we have gone further take a needle and working
  • 02:08: knit as usual on circle and it looks like this
  • 03:12: our connection point 5 knit further circular rows here can now be see how
  • 03:42: place looks compound its peak more dense and practically unnoticeable