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Very tasty and gentle "Бархат " salad; (Salad "Velvet") - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day dear my audience and subscribers today we will prepare delicious very tender salad velvet suit New Year because that it can be taught elegant beautiful for a string so let's cook salad decoction
  • 00:31: Enza your packing 200 grams of crab stick a piece of cheese Solid 200 deg two the potatoes were cooked in their skins cleaned 1 carrot crude greens here I parsley and dill, too I for lettuce marinate you here I have vinegar Vodicka sugar salt I lied to But from a small here's a piece of onion cut off the first layer is potatoes on a large grated on me
  • 01:01: 2 produced a map until one jammed on This salad is very effectively and in the form serving ring but since I do not have I adapted this pail plastic liter it was sour cream bedplate and removed from well she will not serve as a server lightweight ring ring is at the bottom obtained a thick
  • 01:32: holds its shape very well spread potatoes 1 flatten It can be a lot more add a map I have prepared the number of products both prescription on a large portion of salad and I will use them as much as It will need to laying in the ring that was comfortable beautiful view of plant
  • 02:03: it is necessary to potatoes put grease mayonnaise a little bit 5 to a second layer or egg study I spill shoplifting eggs I tell if the home would be the general a little yellow It was beautiful again
  • 02:33: little mayonnaise you can do homemade mayonnaise have inspired all is well smeared makes at the end makeshift our third layer go crab sticks cut as well, like late polbochki look like its my turn I stack crab coli in Ring m I say do comfortably in
  • 03:03: This porch diameter this pepper I measured the and at the bottom of the top 12 11 centimeters like this It obtained for the proportion of the layers still Added to this many do not put the war behind it is clear that each layer is important. Now let crab stick to your our to me it really you You make optional green onions, too
  • 03:34: It is not very well and now not it turned compare Now we need cheese layer But on this name kai grater she did not very shallow just fit I have here a 200 gram Cheese is exactly 100 grams We will be laid with cheese It seems like a lot but mayonnaise If directly above Maidan cheese is spectacular see higher feed son now as a
  • 04:06: just time to do zelenenky layer here I have parsley little helpful melenko dill and mix the especially on the edge to take a walk greenbacks and then succeed if the whole layer do I think too much green Now get this obodochek walls again carrot layer Here, too, we this fine grater changed I found in the grater fine but not quite
  • 04:36: she was very small I'll ingredients I tell take prescription and their number has look how much we Here are a necessary carrot, it will be up to top and I have proportionally a destination other layers so that was mayonnaise on top salad should soak naturally how you will patience hour half an hour but must soak
  • 05:07: decorate the top with grated cheese to was some The final point in this salad so salad ready to remove ring is therefore What I'm such beauty turned out to you do in the ring can be impregnated in ring but I need you show I will so impregnated elegant beautiful view into the Neva and the taste is very good today
  • 05:38: break with tradition I will not try because to me this salad needed Evening I will not break this beautiful composition on Valentina it's delicious salad ready me hours go to my channel cook with good mood and you always succeed use my see recipes my new video and up new appointments and only at the very