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  • 00:00: Dear friends hello today we are together prepare Caesar salad with his zest quick and tasty with you today Elena to find your channel Recipes we Everyone knows we prepare Caesar salad who once cooked American chef Caesar Cardini at its origin Italian when to it came in the evening large company and and here for lack of large selection products he dared I could feed the whole
  • 00:30: the company for our salad, we need Chinese cabbage loaf which It is the main part of our salad as we take lemon chicken for sauce and parmesan cheese I rest sekretiki I tell you a little and later we start to cook for our salad you We took 300 grams here chicken breast chicken breast prepare quickly and she is very well and tenderly looks at
  • 01:00: salad and I sprinkle it spices spices we such simple red ordinary black pepper which are sold in any any store I also add some salt prisalivaem and our I am chicken breast is set aside and we will prepare a you now crispy croutons Caesar Cardini founder of the salad he used garlic croutons garlic croutons in
  • 01:30: We do not have very good use a loaf ideal baguette and now we you prepare such crackers the best course to take and bread was not so fresh to our crackers not falling apart better to take a little bit podsushenny and we need you cook well crackers so they outside we are It was crispy and still within
  • 02:00: remained soft so too such small crackers and I will not do for to well fry the croutons that they have matched closer to the classical prescription I have quite a bit I put olive oil into the pan and garlic cut into I sliced garlic sliced thin enough and we need now It will of our garlic evaporate all
  • 02:30: garlic taste it very important to our crackers were flavor that they have It was not just grain and they have to we have such garlic flavor had I bear them we pan it We warm up and now will our crackers Our fry oil It is full of garlic flavor and we are now Garlic will need remove it us more we do not need it use more I will not just his
  • 03:00: I throw Put the loaf We fry it with all sides fragrance course of one cloves are great saute button necessary at high so that the temperature So he top become so crunchy crispy and inside He stayed with us so soft crackers we are
  • 03:31: they cooked us Retrieved from crisp and inside soft it is very important part of our lettuce and therefore crackers need cook necessarily right next ingredient we are chicken how to put chicken substitute chicken if it can not putting course on classical recipe chicken is It includes part of salad but we add Nowadays we love tasty meal and the products we ie why you did not
  • 04:02: add I took loin as I said I salads very much use breast She is very gentle and fast fast preparing I cut it strips about Here the length of the stripes in We probably will and 5 meters and thickness that chicken was not dry 2 It may be a centimeter sliced on site and on its discretion you You can cut into
  • 04:32: your liking some of these long stripes we should take into account the the chicken roast away preheated pan I add a little olive oils if you suddenly do not have olive oil is it can be replaced White Hair sunflower oil find a way out It can be as easy as and our famous Caesar Cardini so have skovorodochku We warmed up and I
  • 05:02: I spread fillets chicken we fry with all sides briefly 35 minutes we need These make our rings horoshenechko they fry us quite thin and roasts will fast enough It passed 3 minutes and chicken that's straight whitened eyes and I I check whether you can pivot flip but she slightly fry chicken breast
  • 05:32: get ready fast enough why I did overturn any lettuce use directly into Caesar yes it can be lettuce, it can be iceberg but these salads nowadays I I do not know why I them I can not buy shop where say that they Basically themselves very expensive I am doing my best to prepare a salad is not zamorachivayas cook out here those products are
  • 06:02: you can easily buy Chinese cabbage a wonderful salad keep it such juicy crispy I shoot some leaves we need and thoroughly wash and dry one of the most important components of the salad dressing is Well, where should we have workshops sun Nowadays, like Shopping seek spend it this precious time that nowhere ever You can not buy I take juice of half a lemon
  • 06:35: Just squeeze in a bowl salad, and we are now prepare you delicious sauce our salad many here about will probably 3-4 tablespoons tablespoons lemon juice Our proportion of enough I add here mayonnaise mayonnaise, too add 3 tablespoons spoons all such products
  • 07:05: which are easy to buy in the shop which do not require time-consuming asleep black pepper straight to taste about it will quarter teaspoon spoon, do not forget about mustard course we can take sweet if you mustard is sweet you can add one tablespoon we have no such mustard sweet it is in our dining room about add half
  • 07:35: teaspoon mustard if you want you can put the garlic I put no great clove here literally he is so tiny to our sauce just I had no flavor to fend such Here's a taste of garlic and just to make the sauce I had garlic flavor I add now our whole and here these Ingredients I well stirred juice here
  • 08:05: lemon mayonnaise mustard we garlic and we need now will add a little olive oils that's how we see consistency we thick enough we just need to olive oil Now bring the sauce until a thick liquid state I put roughly the same three tablespoons spoon and how should all
  • 08:35: I stirred our sauce he is ready to have was very beautiful and fragrant It is not such a thick consistency just what I need it tidy in the direction we We start with you quickly assemble salad again where garlic garlic there success probably thought Caesar and smeared garlic dish to flavor of the show throughout the entire large
  • 09:06: kitchen I garlic rubs and dishes I our meal here I spread here are salad leaves I I call cabbage Head's call so that's way its pieces I need I am using green leaves leaves I He tried sauce great
  • 09:36: principle does not different from busters who only only that sauce there will have to cook boiled eggs one a minute in boiling water then they blender grind it not too long for our time is not in our opinion mood workshops sauce our production I water leaves lettuce watered its discretion but so that they sure that's been
  • 10:07: wetted so that we Yeltsin had tasteless and We start them lay out initially we Put the chicken such large pieces they are very nice look on slips This salad can cook in their its discretion a company that is necessary you more please prepare more I spread
  • 10:37: chicken here and so quick hurry company friends on Now we approach all We try our favorite salad then here pure as I decorate I make myself tomatoes and eggs I He took the quail egg she is very beautiful looks in a salad tomatoes well suitable for skull
  • 11:08: its discretion, as the I have said put quail eggs salad with egg it is more nutritious and me it seems that the eggs they very in this salad how to attract men to us women can and easier something but try to egg This salad is very very good combined here with the all other ingredients again I All watering sauce
  • 11:38: I do not regret the sauce sauce must take place necessary and late last bar is crackers crumbs I spread top can put class can put all but I do not always know what crackers always ask additive put lettuce and
  • 12:08: I want the same more hill to try crackers so if You will prepare a salad then cook it crackers on the stock they have diverge in the first I turn all asleep breadcrumbs practically and now we need to take the final bar is cheese cornice has its a sour taste our salad, he It gives the course I rubbed with spice parmesan for our
  • 12:39: prescription needed 100 gram point tasting we necessarily salad with you now we try then get the most First of all I try a cracker got chicken no matter how cracker sauce It was not visible right now try a cracker heavenly
  • 13:12: very very tasty very appropriate tomatoes, and now I try the cabbage with sauce so good that we We made a lot of salad I will eat with pleasure sauce wonderful all Ingredients perfectly combined Bon Appetit cook with
  • 13:42: our salad not remarkable Remember to leave comments and subscribe to our channel Find a recipe