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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners today us unique excursions and test site I dropped Rashidovich ashimova is the presenter specialist scientific and technical department of Nizhny Novgorod agricultural Academy he is breeder several varieties honeysuckle and here we are already now walked on there are more than 30 varieties and forms so that's
  • 00:30: on tried this honeysuckle must say that different to taste here before I like it is not very noticed what was not the ability to compare but here's everyone the bush approached I tasted the berries 1 the other another is sent slightly from the scent of another wonderful ramir Rashidovich tell me please culture is what it is so good than famous than appreciated here this berry 1 assistant teacher
  • 01:01: that the very first ripens, that is when there are no berries yet what is said useful for a kite that just as long as there is no land after was quickly given vitamins do not chemicals from the pharmacy chemistry and fresh masons with a bush I I want to say that we do not We came here with our in operator on tasting honeysuckle which was held at us Nizhny Novgorod agricultural
  • 01:31: Academy did not allow us work and here now we are like refers to the cap The analysis here already the last berries remained in mostly the harvest was not tasting collected what are you assessing there these forms of your selected from your varieties but we evaluate this external kind that is how in general view from large they small you on the outside that is, not with the help of not visually and taste and on the basis of this
  • 02:01: an estimate is made relational little give baldanov 0 to 5 most better look here please, I'm here Here are two varieties collected and two forms here is a gift a Count year on a silver platter with a blue border you see it A gift ogres that's it. your source Well it was the first of this is not a tattoo
  • 02:32: centimeter length it means he sweet and sour more density after all this is not something is falling apart very important yes today you noticed Yes, today we have 21 June that is already takeoff of all honeysuckle already berries are all either eaten and either circled and here we come they hang like remarkably earlier not particularly the glamor himself empty even though to the fact that he does not
  • 03:02: they crumble you noticed that there is no wet separation of wet breaks are not perfect dry gascars Guess but not will prepare it spoils and that's it. only the future grade here on this leaflet on the green leaves are future sort is a form and it even more large-bodied like me we will be entered study further is this we'll see how she will show herself
  • 03:32: following years on both biochemical hardiness in that parts here still Here is one sort of birinci birinci passed saying Well, this year in to this day on 15 takes applications she then he too on dense it is finite pokislee too well very tasty not liked this one
  • 04:03: as the taste says and communication is all this and no small sour a note not termite birinci in translation from Tatar this is 1 1 but this too Form 16a it is called and dropped Rashidovich also see what large berries and I again I repeat that this is straight for trail walking on the trail of the LCD we are somewhere in there the depth of the bush on the lower branches all this was collected ramil rashidovich you they also said that
  • 04:33: vitamin p is very important in this berry tell me please here honeysuckle for some reason you know I'm going through by our garden currants are straight several bushes and red and mostly black there malenine the earth does not color the Auger news but 23 bushes to plant so offensively this such a wonderful berry tell me about this pose she famous here is what she had before same content vitamin b is not itself
  • 05:03: high content there somewhere about one and a half thousands of weather fell that i sit 1800 and some this also depends on code well as well as speaks of him being taken away that is, wait no longer The highest you mean by compared to chokeberry fruit rowan she record Sorry Cherry Fruit so much she does not eat it knits training and he there already in autumn a
  • 05:33: these are the first berries and he sang a vitamin more than he is famous in it such a wonderful but he noticed that At first pro through the vessels conclusion of the hadeeth type mercy and closed as actually cancer prevention It is also pleasant here
  • 06:05: top, too, not there is a very big bush this is what I still very much like here I have there is a family we are friends with and there the child can not there are strawberry berries victories that is, yes, well strawberries as her many call allergies agji no news allergies are very okay but I do not know maybe this one concrete then new child like doctors need to check
  • 06:35: empirically in Tucson is not allergic to strawberries is Our guests do not allergies to this especially love children the very first spine no, like raspberries winter hardy such trembling care how for strawberries, too, not for four years passed it must be changed for only up to 25 years and will certainly be low willingly circus
  • 07:06: it's so hot here scurvy better come on and the lower roller, but if these are loamy soils then once a week good market go on like this and you want a berry eat a wonderful thirst further. in this caramel Rashidovich Tell me more please, here are varieties you are very much yes they are like the whole culture in all cultures early and late
  • 07:36: here's what a run-up in time before the benefit is all this approximately 1 2 weeks 1 2 about depend on because if the wounds spring begins that almost wake up can still Snow that is lying she already goes and at rest and early blooms somewhere already around May 9, she already
  • 08:06: joked and that very much importantly you said that do not be afraid of flowers endure all the same and clothing minuses to us 7 degrees imagine what p frost resistance flowers of honeysuckle it for our average plush and classes and we are in Nizhny Novgorod region then 56 the parallel is very important because many cultures they just here you bloom frost and strength the fruit did not live that way
  • 08:36: almost everyone the year gives us the harvest we what are other sorts would advise for our Nizhny Novgorod field of I understand that your sort of here I would like buy them for now they are also impossible in this scale Well, here a good self established and see the game selection there is a marina nimfa viola the violet is certainly the most tasty as I was he tried
  • 09:07: to rest is the nymph and there the defense believes then if the bilberry but mostly of course now this marina in the market with dances and mfu can also be found you are also not Roksolana on this all Leningrad we then on the screen we will deduce all grades from you are not a sand worry that you some sort of heard as are called and here and more I personally have site Nizhny Novgorod there is also our variety
  • 09:37: Nizhny Novgorod I'm here she noticed straight she used to be the most previously but not and of course the gardens parties can be called lack of another side too, and a positive the side is showering Well if so come up practically enough film settle for days under her and she is already It was poured and you can come there again in details it is only necessary in that case when everything is clean
  • 10:07: a densely they there is no page take care of your honeysuckle I'll say a little bit here how to take care of it just to be so that weeds do not overgrown to moisture persisted mulched over dear friends in thick layer take into account the forest level and it used to grow in the woods Well, this forest science therefore the mulcher to get away from you she will not be living she will grow well and Vlad there is good
  • 10:37: It will be contained so we get a list of varieties give and not yet tighten video I'll tell the video right away what's next for us will be about agricultural technology how right grow honeysuckle about how diseases and pests in them I'm kind of citizens because she is like introduced her all the same accumulate there we are which previously was not used to be only one bullet Well, that's good.
  • 11:07: means the following video does not go away with our site ramen Rashidovich to us will tell you how care for animals