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  • 00:00: hello everybody sencha light-colored today we are preparing very tasty shortbread cookies with stuffing from jam to the jar and and the ice will leave 1 for to prepare our delicious cookies not needed take and bike until 270 grams of flour although backup killed 70 grams William Powder
  • 00:31: site 1 yolk here's a shoulder of 140 grams butter or cream margarine is there under feet haiba goods two vanilla kayl pieces different types of trees jinn, you can take your choice is not will be the same while washed well i think u whom for a start I'll tell you blue butter I'm cold this Ural
  • 01:02: rubik butter kata thani called but now oil I add flour and I will grind it together with martini okroshka chest of drawers in phase just harry mops with the moment so nazar
  • 01:34: but when I realized no bokudo toyota curren now flour with butter I add vanilla you fucking add powdered sugar design and add the yolk
  • 02:06: broke and well mix it together dough in one lump his balls are warmer He finds himself at me what a nice dough it turns out beautiful in yellow colors like, sunset grinding other interesting recipes you can
  • 02:36: look at our channel angels back diameter look what u We got nice and soft dough like it is mulberry thought football is not to delve into it we put it I can clean the package and send to fridge for an hour 1 hour passed I would become
  • 03:06: father from the refrigerator here's the first amount if here I have one device in order to be conveniently roll out dough mateh but you are ordinary clean packages that I cut from me like this little between packages put the dough with flour and
  • 03:36: spread the dough and through the package I will roll out dough the dough is very soft and
  • 04:10: she sticks to the table so that it does not pestered you it's easy to remove it put it between packages the main trophy on west of so it will be very conveniently roll out mass of kama for hanging roll out to thickness approx. 4 millimeter of ditch auza and pomber bedimmed on so that's gently god
  • 04:40: to the bank and such a method allows very thin roll out shortbread dough while chocolate and behind now we remove the film the upper one would have grown up will you press
  • 05:10: me in this case mugs I'll cut you can cut out any shape which you like to go out on magnetic hammock by my authors john surplus dough take them away to us we will use them more once rolled as angel to order and tune I look now
  • 05:40: just lift package and very easy to me a circle we is removed from the package there is no such I transfer to the baking sheet baking tray and not the current is smeared with us enough oil there how can to be high bank it'sa uzi to the mass can do list and now that we are still do a look at
  • 06:10: us cookies every circle should be match 2 of it half each half we will cut any pattern in in the middle I take the case flower until Moffat hydra cut out middle transfer the tank you see I cut out a flower
  • 06:41: it's dough too I understand but us will need next piece I will cut out the test from me there is a heart of benefits tutta la gente you mozilla you can cut any figures that you like what you have there is also a neat transferring magician training oh and so do it now
  • 07:12: each whole a piece of dough with us must fit second piece which we cut out middle of the pack and so the first cookie me formed and I'm sending to the oven heated up to 180 degrees for 10-12 minutes
  • 07:42: method and then was hit son of the clan spirit mutants and l Khaled my mind so then I cut out all the cookies while you are doll of him and helavisa year but for pruning I collect the test again in one piece I'll cover it again
  • 08:13: second which is not there roll again put him an answer yes sweets and will cut following cookies who are here and us my grief work first batch of cookies already ready let's all decide my cookies are baked all I have
  • 08:43: it turned out twenty eight pieces jog there gaminator now what we do we are cookies which have us with cut out we will sprinkle sugar no powder for it we will advise you our cookies there are 4 fan finals now take the whole
  • 09:30: cookie superimposed from above jam there sons lay and cover on top of two goals the second lid half cookies and we get here is festive and nice and cookies here you and so do with all the biscuits smell I have my corners different jam at me strawberry and apricot the cortisol was expelled you can take jam
  • 10:01: at your discretion of your choice see for yourself what wonderful cookies are obtained and so we continue do all the cookies in roosters to him in a movie python now i will try our delicious cookies you antenna very
  • 10:31: tasty top room my are yours but he is so goods very, very our cookies happened fragrant and tasty and beautiful humming smoke a three here she I myself wish you Bon Appetit put a husky subscribe to our share channel leave friends your comments but pine to whom it is by mango norms up to
  • 11:01: there is no angeline gawk honored ok baby go there and a boar a reprimand