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We learn to knit motive a hook for a shawl.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: begin knitting motifs from the chain of 7 air loops these three four five six seven and close you connective I remember the loop policy will be knit a chain of 25 air loops 48
  • 00:34: minutes 20 20 and 22 23 24 25 attach this chain
  • 01:05: without a crochet to a personal here on could connect such loops only 12 that means repeating knitting chain of 25 air loops for 4 25 and I'm tying
  • 01:59: ringlet without cape here we continue Knitting is not yet there will be 12 such tellek here I am tied it 3 to I got 12 loops now to us need for the next
  • 02:31: number of rise connective loops in to the top of this loop Well, you and
  • 03:22: connective loops up completion of this loop we start knitting the next row of series I perform 3 loops lifting further knitting two bars with one on the cushion 2 air loops and in the same arches are tied 3 columns with one cape
  • 03:52: now go to the next eyelets for the handle can be called so and I'm tying three a column with one cape farther
  • 04:28: 2 air loops and again 3 bars with one-piece 3 go to the next 3 columns with one-piece 2 air loops
  • 05:03: three bars with one cape the same way we will tie the power of the handle complete this series connective loop and we will knit
  • 05:38: the next row of final 2 air hinges and 4 a column with one by the crook 4 the following element as u need to tie this is the peak release on first we will bind 3 air loops
  • 06:09: let us assign 1 guardian again 3 air loops falling first drinks then another eyelet I sew again
  • 06:39: three air peter ki we introduce a hook into loop not yet bound together behold
  • 07:10: three spades together with us it turned out well need to tie 3 a column with one on top of 3 top I got it further yes and
  • 07:40: Loopness and column without crochet three air 2 air loops 4 columns with one cape 4 not again at
  • 08:11: he will tie the top 3 peak bake release 1 2 3 3 aerial loops first peak 23 again 1 2 3
  • 08:44: three bars with this cape
  • 09:14: we bind 2 air loops column without crochet so we tie all row buy cut off all
  • 09:49: the row is so beautiful I'll get it done connective loop emotiv will be ready for everyone Thank you for attention before new meetings