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Women's jumper by odnofonturny knitting car. 2nd part  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello everyone with you Elena and we continue knit female sweater with a sleeve raglan on any single-loop machine and so one hundred and thirty the fifth row in our We must calculate
  • 00:32: close up 5 loops and in 136 with another we release thread from the carriage I will close single-needle decker am
  • 01:03: I carry a loop to adjacent pavement thread and bind manually in order so as not to pulled products I usually I do two times so as not to draw we are the closure loops so as not to the second a loop
  • 01:35: 3 4
  • 02:19: and so we got close the loops without contracting here usually when I I close one time tying one time it turns out toga and here here so good ok
  • 02:50: now paste again a needle carriage shift necessarily weights lateral and about knitting 1 row similarly close
  • 03:22: and on the other hand our back also 5 loops here I am I will do this double closing loops now look at our calculation we are closing raglan here we need with 114 loops we are 5
  • 03:53: closed with each we have one hundred and four left loops we need to left on the neck 25 and we should also close up ninety four loops here is the calculation
  • 04:24: how much do you need diminish loops and in which rows and how many times does it mean first reduction we we will do one hundred forty-third row let's do it simultaneously with two parties then 149 156 and so on we will immediately by 3 loops begin to do decrease by line
  • 04:58: raglan means we we will do it with help the needle and decker here in one of the videos I recently told you showed its acquiring Here's a set foot coal Bakirov I bought on the site aliexpress is there in my self and she could give me a reference video as someone asked me or I'm not I remember that I can take such is 6
  • 05:28: but here by the way 5 and no but the pentagonal decker here we take 5 and suitable decks are I'm still very good acquisition I already bought it from quite a while ago it 's decker transformer here which can expose necessary
  • 06:01: number of needles dekker depending on what you need to tightened the bolt with one side single-stranded decoucher goes and here a lot needle than he else I like that at need make admitted through a needle something through one
  • 06:33: through runaway happens this is very necessary comfortable I'm the only one once met of an individual bought and do not regret it I remember when something happened it was very expensive but it's worth it so if you do not have 5 needle decker take 2 needles and 3 игорь we also work
  • 07:07: with them dress I'll show you right on this one example maybe you do not have 5 Needle Decker 2 coal lifted two loops 3 needle have removed 2 5 3 5 so now we transfer all these
  • 07:40: needles for three position that is dress 3 loops on the last three on needle beds now we bring two needles The last and on them dress two fives likewise I will
  • 08:16: do with another the parties that is we we will make adjustments in series simultaneously the next increase I I'll show you how to do it drinking century the next reduction is y we are at 100 in forty ninth row I'll show you how to work I work peaks and violent We remove the decker right away 5 loops are transferred to 3 to the right dress 3
  • 08:48: on the last three needles simultaneously under we bring two needles all five needles of the decker clothed our typewriter and dress them up same I will naturally do the other side
  • 09:18: and we get here so beautiful track here with such relief transitions closure loops but everything else I tell you how to close already I will not show because it's all similar actions Here we come before one hundred and twenty-ninth close the number 20
  • 09:49: the last loops and but we will not we will close them shoot on ancillary thread here I'm tied up back fully 129 ranks on and freemen 20 loops left which I'll take off on ancillary thread means that I I want to tell you so
  • 10:34: how yarn I have sectional and I already have spoke in the first part of what I'm trying to do pick up a little the color I immediately cut short this glomerulus because it is not first and at the beginning raglan closing reduction in the loop I already changed the glomerulus to a new one - this one glomerulus 2 here I am immediately tore off and so as not to forget that
  • 11:06: I need another glomerulus I'm just you I remind you suddenly you will also knit pattern on painted I'm already here prepared a rubber band forwards our jumper points here and there it is piece that's me is needed to drawings at least a bit but matched I'm just you and about remind and so the girl means forward this
  • 11:38: baby crochet similarly loop hinges all the way coincides up to 112 series that is nothing absolutely new here I show you I can not so when I I'll take the pellet up here 112 rows before closing throats then we will return and I will
  • 12:09: I'll show you in the meantime. meet write ask while bye your Elena