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  • 00:00: Good day today you we will prepare very tasty sour cream for cooking sour cream needed special leaven but as it turned out find it on sale pretty hard I walked around a dozen pharmacies on the dates leaven and not I found a way proved very simple lactic acid bacteria that needed for manufacture of sour cream We are in the final sour cream from store on this test even says that by the end of its shelf life number it
  • 00:30: bacteria lactic acid is not less than 10 verse 7 we we will prepare sour cream from home milk for my estimates fat about eight percent of Groceries milk fat three point 2 tenths of a percent if the milk home it previously you need to boil after milk boiled it necessarily should cool shooting with him, and foam add a tablespoon a spoonful of sour cream on every 250 grams of milk
  • 01:00: cream horoshenechko stir until has not yet dissolve all lumps of sour cream milk dissolved then put milk on the fire and bring to temperature 37 degrees temperature conveniently controlled using the kitchen thermometer 37 degrees gas disconnected again a good mixed all remaining ends is now dissolved it is necessary to hammer
  • 01:30: wrap or deliver large terry towel milk can supply as pots only cover it with a lid or pour some glass capacity we have translated in warm milk glass jar with a small lid can also pour it private half-liter or quart important factor container where you experiencing milk must previously parboiled after which the milk you must wrap
  • 02:01: a blanket or a terry towel and leave for 8 hours the same operations we will, and with store-bought milk that we have soluble in It spoonful of sour cream heat up it to 37 The turning point in degrees glassware and too black to wrap up and so it passed eight hours watching that we turned in both cases turned sour cream
  • 02:31: thick Well, traditional sour test insert both Bosko appearance and taste These two types of sour cream almost differ friend and so we got low calorie lean and really tasty sour cream even nice thing shopping cream we We buy only 1 times hereinafter cream made from your cream you
  • 03:02: We have done in the previous time if you I liked my recipe put the huskies subscribe to my pleasant canal be appetite healthy and see you in new rollers