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  • 00:00: hello friends in I will tell this video because to me cost insulated blind area around the house like this made it length of running meters 33 meters area about 27 square meters width blind area 80 centimeters and now I will go over
  • 00:34: materials that I used for blind device 1 stuff is sand I spent somewhere around 10 tons of sand It is a kamaz of sand and it I was treated in 1200 UAH or 3050 rubles or 48 dollars the sand I used manual further chips crushed stone of fraction 5-20 and I spent it about
  • 01:04: 3 tons he cost me in one thousand hryvnia or two thousand five hundred forty rubles or 40 dollars to the account sand and gravel prices are approximate since I measure exact exact amount of sand and rubble could not waterproofing I spent 4 rolls ruberoid the cost of this material 990 UAH or 2515 rubles
  • 01:36: elisa 40 dollars for insulation otmostki used extruded expanded polystyrene thickness 50 millimeters it took me 30 9 sheets total price 3000 120 hryvnia or Sam 1920 rubles or $ 125 for reinforcement blind area used masonry net with the 100 by 100 cell is 50
  • 02:06: at 50 and I used that is 100 all was spent rationing of 25 pieces grids of size 2 to 0 5 meter price 488 hryvnia or one thousand two hundred forty rubles or 20 dollars for manufacturing of concrete used this cement brands
  • 02:37: these 100 and I spent twenty seven bags total price 1418 UAH or 3600 or $ 57 as plasticizer used this additive for the foundation of everything was 2 canisters were spent total cost 220 hryvnia or 560
  • 03:07: or nine dollar into concrete made of the following proportion one bucket of cement three buckets of sand and 4 buckets of rubble and so friends sum up all on the stand was spent 8430 6 or 21,400 twenty five rubles or $ 339 from this implies that
  • 03:38: price per meter running time 256 grivnas or 650 rubles or 10 rubles and 3 dollars and the price of one square meter 312 or 794 rubles or 12 6 dollars prices are indicated as of August 2016, all those who wish can compare prices the internet that
  • 04:10: offer construction the company at this perhaps all thank you all for attention to new video subscribe to my channel