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Laying of the second row, connection of walls of an extension and the house - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends I continue laying wall extension today will generating a first number to prepare its lining 2 rows making the second clutch series and connect wall in an annexe to the walls do locally junction armature do Stroebe Stroebe'll be on
  • 00:30: Drake first is fixed on the rail screws and under it do the drill Stroebe'll do Now this hand shtraborezom form will Vadim rod Now this I
  • 01:33: it turned trails and so I I take a walk around the perimeter The walls are made everywhere indent Stroebe ready So I have previously laid armature I now pruning I fold and will laid fittings like to
  • 02:09: and now it can be pour glue cook glue first fill Stroebe then glue stacking fittings for reinforced
  • 03:09: first row wait until the glue dries and take a walk float to align all irregularities and roughness the glue has dried up and we see shrunk and rather such significant NATO Basically no big deal because the top is also applied layer glue Now I will go and
  • 03:39: here is a float on conceived and align the whole thing I cleaned surface
  • 04:22: blocks here such brush and principle you can already start 2 rows of masonry but before begin this work I have done pair of walls annexe with walls Now home show the connection will do here this mounting perforated the thickness of the tape 065 millimeters wider Chapter 17 millimeters tape is attached only to the
  • 05:12: wall of the house there is just lies future she will press unit is always applied and adhesive layer until my village, these mounting need for In order to give bracing wall extension is in this direction Tab 2 series also begin angle previously wetting surface water to block the moisture from the glue does not evaded adhesive to block
  • 05:42: our like this notched trowel the height of the tooth 8 millimeters and I use additional ordinary trowel and Master OK apples set
  • 06:24: corner and that's the number of I decided to do without yarn just putting blocks to the level of as I have here are whole blocks and Only the last block you need to prune so I decided try and lick how is it bad idea because If you see something bit blocks and left
  • 06:54: here inside a couple millimeters so I I recommend tab manufacture of yarn so much easier and soon I'll be right But in laying the blocks this wall I finished laying 2
  • 08:18: a number I left at the walls a gap somewhere in one centimeter in the future I here singing ordinary assembly foam on it all around Thank you for attention to new video
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