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Marina Khrapova about a sole for slippers from felt - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: We move on to how I hemming we like we were hemming pillow in practice We all own own there are some adapt let's say that's how here this fight they can penetrate selecting hole desired diameter under your needle walk the perimeter initially I do I take a piece of Leather finished product I put obvozhu
  • 00:32: I form the pad then proceed Well adjustments if you need to look like I have it laid I do not like like starting adjust further punch if I do it on this stage and convenient I often use ordinary awl she somehow I I really like I sit down on the sofa after work and simply pierce hand is already worked out and you know I have a step
  • 01:07: already obtained worked out ie here I very quickly like it conveniently below what thread apply Of course synthetics Of course such plump enough so that I sewn soles gypsy needle respectively ears trying pick up and thread itself a sufficient it will not tear off and I at all desired Experiments I asked not to even one on exhibitions were such
  • 01:37: questions but in process not Shmyga floor like there are no behave so oK sometimes wear out somewhere Sides something else thread with soles exist a long period Well at the time if there is occasion questions Osho weld seam is simple You may know What's through ordinary edge that is sure here you are you know common there's like Irina
  • 02:07: I teach and the way in I settled down and I I enjoy but he say yes that is one hole in two times I'm falling needle and it turns out that's such a move to very like it you know even arts looks very priyatnenko simpatichnenko up Olga's is where I Although not mastered here several times not get here a small step between
  • 02:37: holes and see what an interesting seam not visible but let me you give in your hand want to transfer and the get too enough such a cute move as a conclusion needle pierced on typewriter as if we about scribbled forward needle here ol'ga dictates of a can be elementary
  • 03:08: can not issue on the skin but desirable since we still products natural of natural fibers I want it Natural something below you can sew use latex I have a life with him somehow did not work out, I tried feet steel adhere to my laminate and Once I went on this here's something not my but it turned out to be Again, this is an addiction each of us probably that is here who are accustomed to something Hades
  • 03:38: sometimes using home for if I have ekokozha my home is part of eco leather Well Chapel when so hit changes clothes on in this chic able to look how natural their We sew worn also great not worse than usual the code is not erased Shops are prompt You know sometimes you I vary the why because sometimes buy pliz skin and the reverse side is better than and the front part
  • 04:08: it turns out that the front part of the leaves I have to the bottom sometimes the reverse side as the suede looks simply gorgeous even an option It turns out I buy girls and we go store it's called speranza of Piran Garden Riga travel the house 3 it is, in principle, Shop for accessories furniturny store for not only shoemakers there is no
  • 04:38: Only for shoemaking there is a large selection different skin for different kinds of work creativity I mean not only how well professionals I have bought They pay once note that professional there comes a very good skin and you we also girls buy-out It called swine spylog near subway Malenkovskaya station or underground leagues from Alexis can take the 714 bus
  • 05:08: she is healing too different thickness so then there is sheets 2 rubles 80 kopecks person meter ie Pronina you can buy expensive all depends from your wallet by your ability