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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you a dip, sorry for that that they did not go out for a long time video, I just a little unwell well, in this video you see 10 lifjhaks for the bathroom if your watering can the soul became ill dissipate the year it is possible that her hole hammered calcareous take the packet from him pour a little soda and then pour in the soda vinegar more place the watering can of the package and fix it as shown on video with
  • 00:30: using a rubber band through hour, get the watering can flush and under water and your shower will be like new often from humidity and water ingress metal vials of foam for shaving or deodorants leave traces topcoat and apply clear varnish on basis of metal plafonds and you get rid of annoying 5 special air fresheners and flavors are considerable money and their act limited time you are easy
  • 01:00: can make them replacement buy air it is sold in any pharmacy drip a few drops them inside roll toilet paper is now in your toilet or bathroom room for a week will smell tangerine or any other flavor if you often turn off the water and you often have such situation, then put somewhere near bathroom five-liter a bottle of water and when do you again turn off the water bottle with water will help from the unpleasant
  • 01:30: situation take the lid under five-liter bottle do in the lid cuts and cuts part as shown video further by double-sided scotch tape glue the cover to the wall or to the door locker with us it turned out awesome original brush stand it is practically not It took place to your towel constant fell from hooks buy holders for
  • 02:00: towels they are beautiful suitable for suspension towels without a hinge just attach clamp the towel and place it as you are comfortable clamping and securely hold towel not allowing he slips out take a gel for shave it on the mirror properly pound and then with using a swipe wipe the mirror on tooth and now mirror will not fog up because in foam for shave present glycerin well a film this glycerin remaining on
  • 02:30: mirror surfaces does not give condense the next lifhak I showed six months ago in video lifhaki for summer reference will be in the description duck here this lifhak suitable for the bathroom place the phone in the package diploma now you can take bath and do not be afraid that your phone suddenly slips out of the hands and water will fall take the nozzle for sanding wood screwdriver and cup
  • 03:00: put it all together together and you get awesome bath-washing machine and with the help of such you can quickly wash your thank you very much for viewing I hope these lifhakas though ease your life but on the channel wade wei you will see travel around the castles with ghosts travel to mystical places and interesting Attraction Vadim is exploring historical facts myths and legends telling stories about
  • 03:30: which you have not yet heard the link in descriptions for all bye