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Scrappy sewing. We master a high-speed way of assembly of a scrappy blanket, a pillow and a bag. Master class  See details »



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  • 00:00: looking for a cure boredom, depression the best means patchwork therapy game with textiles with bright scraps of fabric, we turn them crazy quilt that collect easy playing without tedious stozhki cozy pillow and practical bag recalls that
  • 00:31: too serious harms creativity fright Vaeth Tatiana inspiration Lazarev Hello dear audience very funny funny word patchwork translated like working with rags the actual furnace is scrap wog work there is one more international term
  • 01:01: This quilt comforters product and the process drying it and Quentin It all started very but just imagine imagine that you English immigrant who unexpectedly on the shores of America and next ship you will not be soon limited textiles opportunities and all clothes but surely worn to holes I redraw eh art that cavity and remnants
  • 01:31: width wonderful bright patchwork a blanket today it is a real textile chronicle countries in England in the museum Victoria and Albert kept many antique quilts I bated breath He stopped next to Clint 1718 18th Century this geometric ornament and birds and
  • 02:01: fish and love the most the main thing that sewn Many quilts by hand from a very, very little affection. Tue to It, too, we will not throw trash small cart textile elements and used as a bright material creativity if you post work remains some minor scraps worth their gather in color some interesting
  • 02:31: the capacity of all textile elements I collected separately capacity for to see that they fit together color it should be transparent and then you just collect quite without rules linking them as they lie each other in a long long strip and result, you get your textile mood we we will combine between the other the assembly elements I have to iron the seams
  • 03:02: trim edges in this will strip used as additional element of some bright interesting story Well for example, I chose Here's an interesting musical moment children's drawing which first of the perimeter of the shaft acanthus Uni stripes they can be collected in this order top the bottom left or right a clockwise
  • 03:32: wise as you it is more convenient and then we We are putting our team strip and We sew exactly also on the perimeter number of teams elements may be any I have turned here a finished block and you can see that we our limited central element first monophonic stripes then teams Uni and some color
  • 04:02: so you can turn an unlimited the size of the blog By the way I suggest
  • 08:14: you journey through halls in London Victoria Museum and Albert's bedside rug 18 century silk Let the paint a little bit all under burned still it is very touching and tender the smallest tissue loskutochki united It may be different authors and may be only all quilts sewn by hand bing has led in 1820 and this fragment of also learned to see you
  • 08:44: as touching stories can tell big big object pixel 3 halos ask the author is not forget our blanket we collect without tedious stozhki all will be very just you take you assembled unit combine his face to face with podkladochka stacked it all padding polyester or
  • 09:15: holofayber any fluffy filler and connect on the perimeter all three layers of machine then stitching unscrew and you get new item we got a new piece, and so when you We pulled in elements you turned enough fluffy but flat pillows You can use
  • 09:46: hand stitches support her and This manual Steshka can do for contour pattern or kanatka seams and can be do without haste and use a item you got connect manually stitch over the edge These are the pads between themselves big enough fabric is possible do under the bright the sun on the lawn taking worked fresh open
  • 10:16: air way many
  • 12:18: textile artists use such as the genre portrait and self-portrait sometimes even the ball faces no senses Well we the people are very often to unfortunately happens without sensual but made artist interested real live an object that the portrait necessarily will unique human face and work is just radiate tenderness and the thrill and joy
  • 12:49: motherhood and happiness and some special state is unique able to say painter people thank you for what you there is for the fact that we so different pay attention to wrong to have neat and you can see even manual Stitch did not spoil everything is clean inside out gently reverse side you can see we are joined elements
  • 13:19: between themselves and you You may take any the number of blocks it is very convenient for baby blanket if you anywhere stained in some place whole blanket you simply evaporated block and replace it a new element one more thing advantage of this assembly if the child increasing the blanket It can grow with it you can
  • 13:49: supplement or top or near the bottom units to a blanket consistent the growth of your child by the way
  • 15:52: textiles today unique environmental Well relations speak even if Prince Charles in Palace remove curtains giving them into the hand skilled designers that with charity order to sew collection bags and wife Colin Firth won an Oscar for the role of King George 6 all campaigns Hollywood stars red carpet to choose eco-friendly if the dress outfits silk and then show it should be made way
  • 16:22: Do not kill moth moth should be alive and unharmed and Many luxury brands continue this tendency such as Yves Saint Laurent He offered for buyers from new vintage collection and 121 models which It was sold in within two weeks from old fabrics stale on storage and collection the same bag was It sold out in the first day topical slogan news and throw and another very
  • 16:54: simple assembly reception quilt without tedious stozhki you take basis any size me 10 by 10 centimeters and strips of cloth completely arbitrary width you tune to basis and this is so do you see me stripes on scribbling face then you take a small fragment from the 6 filler
  • 17:25: lay out along strip fix bulavochku strip that she consistent backing and applying the following stripes you just commit simultaneously sintepon such stozhka way you It takes place during of the block assembly Overall, this will look like this here two squares are connected between a very
  • 17:56: artful way so First step assembly of quilt block and a second assembly block each other you always leave at kladochku little Larger than the sheer size of the upper then you are part of a using machines connect between Only a facial side blocks and podkladochka will
  • 18:26: fixed later that's the way it is as it is applied the lining neighboring block and blind stitches fixed with seamy side a combined
  • 21:48: assembly you between a and connect the machine assembly and manual ie first faces going on a typewriter purl sexy ruyutsya blind stitches with inside out, and you can assemble cloth by the way of any size husband Scientists people creative look this condescending
  • 22:19: it is in vain but here at least Jonathan Swift journey Gulliver we certainly remember ironic attitude to learning who bred colored flies feeding them wood resin to web from which he about something It was how to weave stronger but in the 18th century was really yielding farm and ethnologist bomb or send bred spiders and wove and the fiber web experiment
  • 22:49: good feet long and Century 21's to the web close attention going to do lightest spider elastic vests work on the problem geneticists and chemists physicists, biochemists Biophysics textile It all began with unique blew up the scientific world experiment art project which It was conceived artist and Jalil San day and biologists
  • 23:20: el home the jury that demonstrated capabilities bulletproof skin with spider web master class completed musician playing on violin I in his eyes I looked not to I was curious about It flew away I'm not to boredom but I struggled to understand how I know how these hands, these sounds removed from any
  • 23:50: there are pieces of wood from some rough lived of some kind fantasies which he served And you ought to soul remove and set fire to the soul and what it ceremony which it I regret writing damask Okudzhava do that and and sting you all kind to new meetings for compliance creative fire
  • 24:20: Security in the studio He replied Tatiana Lazarev