How to make the abrupt alarm system with own hands?  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello I name is Andrew and Today I will show as a simple way do cool signaling their hands [music] we need motors which the set to Based then from clothespins produce
  • 00:38: sensor alarm for This parsed and these locations Vinci you them two then the screw set sensor based then connect
  • 01:15: electric motor fishing rod then we need connector for the crown and which switch connect the following manner [music] he
  • 01:53: [music] then we
  • 02:30: need battery crown that connects connector at and set on basis then we need cover of plastic bottle in which at Do the markup two small openings and us You need a rod
  • 03:03: from the handle by which cut off two then small pieces obtained preform paste it into the cover in the following way So then
  • 03:39: set cover the motor shaft then we need small brusochek that stick in specified location [music] while brusochek It should be a little above the cover then we need plastic forks or spoon from which We produce shock By doing the rocker The following is where
  • 04:09: [music] then we need
  • 04:52: another small a piece that also set to basis then we need bell [music] from which is removed all unnecessary and we fix it in the following way
  • 05:22: [music] then on the reverse side of the base glue double sided tape and for installation alarm Well alarm Well done and now
  • 05:53: turn to tested Well, on today
  • 06:30: This all does not forget Like and subscribe Thank you all so far [music]