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  • 00:00: Good day Today we will prepare you another kind cream just want to say that the consistency of his it turns a loose it can be use for assembly cakes but he absolutely not for their alignment as it perfect to build such cakes Napoleon honey cake Milk for girl cooking cream we need 400 200 milliliters of milk milliliters of fat
  • 00:31: double cream 100 grams of butter 3 tablespoons butter Slide-starch One large egg 180 grams of sugar and how always good mood to start We need join egg and sugar starch mix everything in the end we should a smooth
  • 01:01: homogeneous mass without Now lumps 400 milliliters of milk Pour into a saucepan and We bring it to boiling at continuous whipping thin pouring stream hot milk egg mixture and well mix up complete dissolution Sahara all emptied back into the saucepan and We move to the plate
  • 01:31: over medium heat while continuous stirring us you must have to cook cream until thick When the cream has thickened can continue act two Method one is into the hot cream add butter butter and stir all until smooth following method full cream Cooling oil take room temperature first whisk in the oil over
  • 02:01: a few minutes high speed until splendor and then on add a spoon the cooled custard Cream in this case, cream will be more thick and dense but I use the first the way into the hot custard add butter oil and all I stirred up uniformity Next, we need cream to cool this pour it in dishes Cover with food film contact so that it is fully touching surfaces cream and remove in refrigerator to
  • 02:32: full cooling When the custard totally cool Measure out 200 milliliters of ice cream and whisk them up to the pomp whipped cream better and faster well cool before whipping 20-30 minutes hold it in the freezer together with the cup and beaters to whipped cream add cold custard and all
  • 03:02: mix up uniformity this cream is obtained very gentle on texture and taste it a bit like melted ice cream ice cream if you this plan cream collect the sponge cake better to add to it uncool gelatin the cream has turned more dense and cake well-kept shape me this cream very like use when
  • 03:32: cake cooking Milk as a girl I cook this cake sure to tell you in the next video In the meantime, as always I wish you good luck on kitchen do not be afraid experiment see you soon