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How to turn off nuts on stabilizer racks. Three ways  See details »

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  • 00:00: welcome you to channel repair expensive car . ru today we are rain thunder but I we do not think it It hurts to shoot and so today subject I want to tell you and show how Loosen the nut on racks the stabilizer is on Example 80 audi 90s but it does not meaning This type of rack there are many other brands
  • 00:31: cars on the first glance but there unscrew take but if to unscrew machine stood few years or went when winter sprinkle with salt, then so is everything with rust that simply unscrew simple ways does not work, I you want to show three fashion so unscrew nuts on the rack two stabilizer this way will
  • 01:01: ways which somehow save operability Best rack that is and then we will take We can not put for nothing we need it the third method is already will be crucial if after his stand has certainly stabilizer will have to change so We begin first Of course all the way you probably know you need to loosening clean thread rust and dirt from
  • 01:31: But if there is still on Oleg rack stabilizer has special hole 40 under hexagon tread so be sure to too, it must be but I want to clean up to say that the usual Brush on metal is not It gives such effect if it is very stylish all rusted and even with the nut plastic rim that most all you do not just therefore, pay off I advise you to first
  • 02:01: took place electrobrush Now this type certainly necessary wear protective spectacles when it will be and now earn and ruin this electrode we clean the brush I'm carving cleaned and then show how it will look and so I I cleaned out Electrobrushes thread it is now shines on just now I want note that let me
  • 02:31: usually stops turns when It remains somewhat turns this droppers on the thread and whereas if you have a torex You excessive force Attached is the Rocks and then breaks unscrew all that it can not that's it must be well clean the threads right now unscrew the problems that nut will not be any the second way is the use of dies in order to clean dirt and threads from
  • 03:01: rust of course this manner also everywhere you can not take advantage everywhere can all podlezt ram but Still, this method also counting has certainly the place to be You should be Set of different dies a different thread different thread pitch twist the course not really see it is convenient here can be used a trick say if you There's a for
  • 03:32: remove the stopper Round bent it's possible try this way Now scroll and clean the thread is Here was a second way the first way and the second way are suitable to If you need to remove the stabilizer without damaging it then to put so is now in place the third method, with using 3 way Front stabilizer come
  • 04:02: completely useless therefore we use only then when We are going to change the rack itself stabilizer this we need cutting disc on metal and went to the yes bolgarka disk metal cutting and Now we will happy and to build First you need to at But if the possibility of You do not want the nut fully otkruchivatsya
  • 04:32: unscrew the nut opportunities as possible more so long as it is there is not a fully stuck in some position, and then we will cut rack finger stabilizer so here across can be cut and along yes but along You should be as It says not trembling hand strong hand because if you somewhere in pereb'ete
  • 05:02: some aspect of you about sawed yet bracket so if the place allows if Of course the place allows the urgency try saw the finger stabilizer's pole but along with nut certainly not it is necessary to register itself bracket Well now I sawed and then show you then I imitated jam nut on then the end of the thread Bulgarian here
  • 05:33: propylene along himself finger with nut these chisels raspolovinit this nut possible areas to knock on and half nuts 2 Now there if milk strike It flies away and you can take off the stabilizer and so I showed you three ways as possible unscrew the nuts and Removing the stand two stabilizer This method thus
  • 06:04: stabilizer is a third the way it is of course stabilizers You have to throw That concludes I hope this video these methods someday will serve you well do not forget to check on my channel sign up leave your comments also I want to thank You are looking for something that my videos on it all bye Bye