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Mistakes, when sharpening knives why it is impossible to grind exactly, quickly and beautifully. Part 1.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I want to Now give some Tips for beginners cottagers how to avoid after area and follow-on points and decide why you make a beginning sharpened means first error which can make is to buy a book of problems Knife with wrong executed climb made in As an example, I was
  • 00:31: taken here is a knife Zlatoust pegasus It means that I want note if you are going can carry the nature you early disciples I did in my view wrong is small too small and and all the necessary ie, a knife if you there is a chance of losing this knife in my opinion you need to have to be deeper but at least so here muzzle should remain Only part of the bow bright for which
  • 01:01: but you can pull out a knife it is my opinion personally Now let's move directly here blade knife so all the well planned Stainless steel was and 107, and it is quite but easily tochitsya blade constructed in Zlatoust but the price of all schools are you can even make the manufacture on they were living
  • 01:31: made then start with the fact that here these here descent made crooked Now it's strip fool us what instead I'm here plus worst thing that here we do so now when doing downhill you see it curvature that is, We are here thickness blade on the heel thickens and if Now measure rod blade Lida of two and five and and here begins
  • 02:01: about two millimeters If we compete grandfather is here here It is half millimeter knife means two years lying on shelf his son bought it is on the train there near the eye August Then I sold him I posted in the kitchen bruises and lay it He Stoch somewhere millimeter 2 the most difficult in general that is a place for the knife Of course the kitchen where woman cuts them there
  • 02:31: griddle plates cuts eat everything and knife respectively must pull rule and it is quite quickly lost So he there for three of I think whether how much four years he studied at the 2 mm first yet it was new you even less he could cut because that there's been thinner consequences when the fly
  • 03:01: repeatedly dragged welded removed for to cut it I had to do here such here wide carts otherwise but he was just do not cut then here's why What you do if you see at the same here is such a rounding in or heel to give abrasive or do not know, and our saves it means I I imagine it
  • 03:31: follows here between them blade manufacture then pulled a knife and So you see here is me to me not they are equal then It has the form obviously because of this It turns plus these stones to align they do so in such a way he was same diameter to you with two sides were identical pieces It is obvious the difference is that one
  • 04:02: his hand a little More deflated another side 4h launched means that we get what challenges you take knife begin to drag his new stars knife or adjust the piece starts to click here this part right here as well as a thicker here downhill
  • 04:34: respectively We get such the picture you have go round one edge and points where here he begins to Czechs Here is a place near heel but not I sharpened first, too, not I realized especially It had not been I pulled adapt tourist hands load and where it is Location dragged here some pit it turned out not clear What means I later realized Why is this happening here's a video it is clear that is for to have two
  • 05:04: as an option eliminate the lack of or means to take a narrow air and drag it here place but need to be prepared for the fact that already It looks important suffer, you see You get near These carts here widest part ugly to Knife is working not critical sense or cut to make here so that's about.
  • 05:35: it is the same on all the winepress so that this type to make it the place does not hurt and when you get tired take a knife and let if thick near it is necessary pay attention to how He connected our the beginning of the east deepen the knife cut it you have nothing will not you wear it somewhere mainly on the nature he was prepared
  • 06:05: eat something value cut and he you as an ax blade so I want to pay attention should buy knives correct information that is, you need dinner be eaten thin enough to be easy to carry off was not wide labor supply means see also let's pull 2 half a millimeter corrected quickly or let's sharpen here are wide
  • 06:37: carts respectively metal shoot falls in several times more as an example so here and so Chinese knife means able to collect it from tank means it is not a
  • 07:08: this matter is that But when the knife designed this way wipe this knife it means deal for I made aware that will this knife work will respectively of Butovo sharpens here
  • 07:38: made so that Blade is easy Conveniently tochitsya have a look here 9 Now here is done First here is not corr here's this rounded him thickening in practice, this part of the I do not know, or at sharpen or will have at a different angle constantly too time understand the problem there or here brewed here easily Podlazov and convenient drag means proud should be at sharpening pay attention to that when you take a knife
  • 08:08: This right here is it proud not interfere with duck this distance it can be safely Right There Field conditions there and work in the kitchen say too important factor that more must Easy right not will it every time drag to adapt the knife Zlatoust It was made so to speak
  • 08:39: easily you of what that solid instrumental They began to make it had to be cut to make great efforts at Perizat Points well that is give him hand it carts to it I began cutting Products can vary the way that then at least on the number of this just in Russian there would be ruined and the result would not very large because
  • 09:09: that later on husband his work always have to drag Blade you and you grinds and carts in the end, for the sake of Now it will be necessary to do Sushi resolutely decided give it a cutting properties That's why when it is necessary to buy a knife just think pay attention to how our intelligence Will the pay attention she here Home to all was Tyrion is not enough
  • 09:39: Only you started it It will not be here in compete as supports Binoche brutal knife in my 8 called unity knife which I do like if Artsakh like but I do not know what for you have here but I Now you can trash it gets knife lost an arm like He is picked up and I bought a knife and well blade means like It has reduced water court
  • 10:09: by butt but when I pulled the knife to get this narrow Now chamfer this forging he had to drag This means 45 degrees but nothing can shave not to cut once make him I had to punch it sneak in 0 but it not all such opportunity to take let the machine and did then the descent into new after I I made a descent into a new I started and thin this fact points for the
  • 10:40: he began to cut Again here I had to do Now this point not remember it but it called the knife worked head of the decision some Abdullah's Only by accurately Bulka had one do here again to this part here as well under sharpening well interfere incorrectness why he did like this slopes not know Although this design narwhal do robot hurry when you go down and Lease if it were not
  • 11:10: National Security Council for what So I think the bar I hope that you advice to help you hassle beginning of the road sharpener experienced people already all know what went Well, I think that's all it is necessary to step on learning It should be the mistakes of others not on their own it It helps you avoid errors