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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of knitting this video I tell you how to tie a brooch flower for need scissors blank for brooches with a safety pin hook hook should fit the size of yarn and glue yarn better use thin
  • 00:31: fluffy yarn We start vyvyazyvayut flower fix the first loop and battered hinges need cut sixty-four air hinges sixty-four air hinges
  • 01:02: cut out now need knit next number sc to do hook and in the fifth loop one two three four 5 is knitted with bar one sc provyazyvaem 2 air hinges sc to do hook and in the same loop provyazyvaem column one
  • 01:35: sc sc on hook miss one loop in the first and the second row vyvyazyvayut column again provyazyvaem 2 aerial loops and the same loop vyvyazyvayut column and
  • 02:05: so knit to the end series vyvyazyvaya number of triangles knit Now I start vyvyazyvayut petals introduce a large hook arochki provyazyvaem column, without sc Now provyazyvaem column one sc 2 do
  • 02:35: sc on the hook and provyazyvaem post with two sc vyvyazyvayut air 2 sc in the loop hook provyazyvaem column provyazyvaem post with and one sc
  • 03:05: vyvyazyvayut column and so, without sc provyazyvaem all large arches column, without sc column one sc post with after two sc column two
  • 03:36: sc air loop even 1 column with two sc column one sc and a column without sc and so to provyazyvaem end of the row number you now need visas
  • 04:10: cut thread leave a tip more from and now we need to make floret is turned off spirally
  • 04:40: this turns flower and purl side anchoring
  • 05:12: thread using needles we turn on the flower spiral and now secure all layers needles grab
  • 05:54: each row So we sew until They will not be secured
  • 06:28: all ranks and breathes siri establish binding knot strings and cut the thread and a flower
  • 07:02: turned now need fix flower metal preform with pin Apply glue to the metal workpiece Sestri adhesive
  • 07:59: floret a metal There are two blanks holes can be further thread and consolidate in floret these holes such cover
  • 08:30: turns to knit pleasure to new appointments