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Knitting of the FLOWER. Knitting lesson. A flat flower with petals of the Tunisian knitting.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I suggest you tie Here is such a flower you can create a simple but beautiful the composition of these Here flowers and twigs leaves for Irish lace flower is flat its petals are connected in the technique of Tunisian picking up knitting different number loops for the petals resizable Flower start knitting
  • 00:31: Petal since I'll be the center of the hook use a 125 Woolen yarn 400 meters per 100 grams So start We recruit around ring finger of five politicians, one two three May 4 addictive and tying the air
  • 01:03: Five disclaim now it's finger stone ring Tie columns, without sc in a circle at the same time tail pave within knit about 18 bars without nakida 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 and 18 connector
  • 01:54: connect with a column the first loop and We close the business range air loop rise next a number of the center of the flower tail was within on for petals need knit 5 arochek evenly distributed over diameter of the circle arches will 6 knit from air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 and
  • 02:24: I miss two loops bases in the third knit a column without sc 1 2 3 4 5 6 bar without nakida 1 2 3 4 5 6 column without nakida 1 2 3
  • 02:56: 4 5 6, and here there are still two arches distribute visually you dad We introduce the hook and knit column, without sc and last arches beginning of the first well knitting column without connecting sc go to next row
  • 03:28: under the arches of the stitches and knit a column without sc 1 column and the second column Now for the petal 8 recruit air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I have it here amount of air
  • 03:59: eyelets You can change the size of the Flower now we knit itself petal introducing the hook in the first We take out the loop thread and provyazyvaem her column without sc but not to dovyazyvaem at the end of the reserve hook, and so with all loops dragged the loop
  • 04:30: knit We left on the hook dragged the loop and knit and We left on the hook They pulled knit dragged the loop knit dragged loop knit dragged loop knit and that's the way
  • 05:00: Now the last introducing a hook under the very arochki We take out the loop and and also provyazyvaem now need knit all sts on the hook but not all 2 together and tricks 2 Knit 2 more knit and yes and climb 2 2 2 2 and imposed provyazat
  • 05:32: again 2 Here is the finished series here this has turned out a number of We make the air lifting loop on the next row and the next row we here behind left here such here halves of the loop here for them, and will knit they can be clearly seen knitting dragged loop knit We left on the hook
  • 06:03: dragged the loop Knit left on hook and loop all the way slowly knit Pull fan of q knit dragged knit dragged
  • 06:33: loop knit at the same time Stick to finger So that nothing I flew off the hook Knit all sts introducing a hook under the arches and provyazyvaem as a loop and now closed Loop 2 Loop 2 closed turned
  • 07:08: such a second row We make the air lifting loop at the next row and the next row exactly and knit back We left the floor loop They'll hook We take out the loop and we introduce provyazyvaem rear hook the floor and loop provyazyvaem dragged
  • 07:38: loop knit They pulled knit dragged the loop knit not passing loop otherwise there will be a hole i put arochki provyazyvaem
  • 08:11: last loop Now all sts 2 close air loop rise next series, we have a First of lepestochek three such series now you need to knit number needed here this
  • 08:42: working thread translated at the beginning of tab for this for here's the floor loop which remains behind about knit columns without such nakida properly complete petal woolen thread
  • 09:18: stratified need Lisa slowly and column, without sc just knit the most couple, we have a a first lepestochek go to next to arches the next tab knit 2 column without sc and the same 8 aerial loops
  • 09:49: four five six seven and eight similar to knit more one petal provyazyvayu each otherwise it will loop perco and under the arches and now
  • 10:21: two by two, three close tabs You are so We make the air lifting loop and knit and in the next row love each point
  • 10:51: you need to knit on and the last three rows number of columns without sc back to top petal that's about all the vital petals to the end and Now remains the last row of tie circle all the petals columns, without sc and between the petals we will knit connection bars introduce hook without bar
  • 11:23: sc that formed between these petals We take out through Neva loop and provyazyvaem working loop turn work on lepestochek and at first petal also knit 3 connection column introduced a hook on the edge
  • 11:53: pulled and loop through it stretched work loop and more again led the hook dragged the loop through it stretched work loop and Now for each loop on the side about knit a column without sc on the corner to
  • 12:27: beautifully formed little corner in one loop base knit about 3 column, without sc and top of the petals each half loops will also be knit columns without sc to turn on this but
  • 13:03: up in a base loop about knit 3 column without sc to rotate and now every eyelet for one half loop knit to the end bars without sc Now almost reached
  • 13:35: end and at the end we associate connection bollards to beautiful loomed Area between the petals turn on another petal and this side and about three knit column thereby connecting way it turned
  • 14:07: nice change and further as tie columns, without sc in a circle on a little corner will knit three column in one loop base and so knit full flower Now after this strapping turned flower Now
  • 14:37: It remains only tuck tail Gypsy tick here so the flowers look sign quite fit quickly and easily let's knit together