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  • 00:00: I'd like to share with you my latest album that i have used using heartfelt creations the lullaby sweet lullaby collection you'll see the front of it has flowers on there those flowers are made from heartfelt creations stamps and dies and on the spine here it says little angel and then on the back i also have a dinner flowers leaves from the heartfelt creations the album was designed a lot my inspiration came from
  • 00:31: designs by shelley she is incredible she's got phenomenal tutorials on out on her website and I suggested he might go checking him out I have the lovely hook and eye closure on there and that is great so this is just kind of one of my first videos that I'm going to do and I was trying to see how this goes so let's kind of go through here so here is my first page and they again these butterflies and flowers and everything
  • 01:01: on here are from the heartfelt creation so this opens up and this is my first little thing on here and there's several different pages that go in here just some lovely bling i got from michael's on that and again a butterfly whoops butterfly from heartfelt creation but i created again some more Matt's the these are dies but I have as well that cut
  • 01:36: these out there super great this album is for my boss's new granddaughter and her name is Cora so here are some more lovely Matt and I leave mine blank in the back they can put cards on the front or pictures on the front or in the back whatever they like Guinness elman does take quite a while because they gain here some more flowers and but I've made using my heartfelt creations love the
  • 02:06: dyes and stamps from that going on too page 2 here again this is just a pocket page and there is lots of mats in this one as well and it says angel on on there with again a flower that's created from heartfelt creations this is my next page again this is great it opens up in
  • 02:38: several different ways and again designs by shelly is incredible on what she does and there's a given lots of mats in this one this one opens up there's a little bit lace whoops little bit lace right down here um more mats and think that going here and this one is a side think
  • 03:08: the way Shelly teaches you how to make these your stuff just actually stays in there pretty tight and it's really nice moving on to this page again it has a side pocket of Peter sized folder up here and they just hold him there really tight again I tell you she's incredible how she shows you how to make all these pockets again this is just a pocket page down here with some more mats and their beautiful flower that I've created
  • 03:40: here's just a side pocket a bigger one deeper one with more mats on there again this is just a border punch that i have and get another flower that i have created heartfelt creations this page has a magnet on there underneath underneath it hidden in between there and this opens up and now goes off the camera don't show you but this is another lots of pockets with different pages in there just a great big blank
  • 04:14: page for a nice beautiful photo of that baby and then the page down there as well this is one of my favorite things and it's the waterfall I love the waterfalls they're just beautiful and heartfelt Croatian paper is just great for it again there's one of them has a little pocket in there and this is the last one this page also has a pocket right here that has a couple little mats in there
  • 04:44: as well and against is bullying from Michaels this is a great page as well again beautiful flower from heart valve and it's more mats this is a pochemy top and again the way Shelley does this I mean the way she how you do then they just your stuff two sticks in there it's incredible so again you hear some more little mats that are in there there's a lovely lace that's on here it's hard to
  • 05:16: see with with this one and another flower right there this is a really cool page that Shelley had to do is kind of a little bit more difficult butterfly made from heartfelt creations but this is actually a pocket and there's some great mat step in there and then there's just a little pocket down below on that because you know they have also put in cards or whatever they have in there this is another little fun pull out flip out page that has a pocket over here and
  • 05:50: then a side pocket here that things just go right in there and that's really great coming back to this page is a double pocket page against the shelly is just incredible on what she designs and I love her stuff I've been so inspired by it hopefully she'll see this video it's not done very well but I'm just learning again some more pocket some more tab tags in there lots of beautiful flowers made from the heartfelt creation
  • 06:21: dies and then the last page again opens up and has that's right in here or Matt's right here in the side pocket and then lots of mats and tags and stuff in here so that is a quick little thing on my beautiful album that's the bat for my babies so thank you very much