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  • 00:00: patriot of the fifth house in Ryazan is listed from 21 to 22 September fsb tried to undermine the house with prizes they then house mined peak by pure chance of the inhabitants houses found explosives came sappers cleared this explosives but you started a criminal case on boxing coloring terrorism and began to look for terrorists and literally in a day and a half they were found these people were detained by these people officers and there was such a moment
  • 00:31: you know how curious at this time when they were detained by the way held an expanded panel Ministry of Internal Affairs Russian Federation and the Minister of the Interior Warsaw Affairs problem Minister of Internal Affairs decisions announced next summer I did not I want to congratulate our colleagues is prevented terrorist attack in Ryazan we already have such work already positive changes in this regard in particular the circulation is uncharacteristic no the glow of an apartment house in Ryazan
  • 01:01: and just that after these words by time coincided that they detained these people these people were officers of the FSB and immediately under the wushu that they are detained then went literally through half an hour, so the building itself runs out of halls and declares that it was not an attempt to blast it were teachings and there was no hexogen mare sugar it was not an explosion firstly, in the second, I think that they did not work very well
  • 01:31: it was the teachings there were given worn cleanly Decembrists in the case They are imprinted and are in this we can not and uncover without followers this the decision was approved by us specifically brought and knowing that this process is alright everything was fixed documents so that there is no question such that you say a drawdown wrote one and there was to help out he transcripted the meeting of the council
  • 02:02: state Duma of the federal of the Russian Federation from 13 September 1999 seleznev chairperson State Duma of the Russian Federation starts the meeting deservedly colleagues sit down start reading and begin to arrive on the agenda to make a figure declares seleznev Gennady Nikolaevich According to the account 3 3 according to the reports from Rostov on Don this night was blown up house Volgodonsk
  • 02:32: per cent 13 September 1999 immediately want to notice that we have since September should not have been the court was not house for half a year On September 13, a house was blown up Kashirskoye highway he is a long board of shame since September 17, 99 i.e yalta I managed to establish who handed over September 13, 1999 the note Seleznev about the fact that the Surgut
  • 03:05: This note was handed to him by his an assistant who died during long time was an agent of the Federal Security Service Russian Federation agent of Russian special services, that is it turns out that out of this creates a note was sent to the dance that blown up the house so that the eu voiced it on in the sedan of the council of the State Duma and they were mistaken in explosions On the 13th they were blown up on the Kashir highway
  • 03:37: but wrote that Volgodonsk in Volgodonsk house they had to blow up in half 17 hours we are always with bandits 1 million outlaw
  • 04:07: they themselves understand today, only a few units the fire was a tire, I was a minute if we do not do it today with you tomorrow that is, everyone who sings the order is approaching to this mystery terrorism which is engaged in fbr during 12 years old by type of Russian Federation all people are either shot or died suddenly of course I do not see a single live crust
  • 04:37: the classic was the fruit of doing it then there is not just how great it is but it was seriously engaged in this required a capsule of the most important here I there would be an atlas theater that answer specifically put the question in the black now it is from there in the food camera will go I'll take a book in Russian for an hour in a day now it is necessary and to watch the medals
  • 05:13: their crimes and who is it about it the crime was known before politkovskaya knew what was happening in Chechnya the seventh channel and the explosions of houses directly witnesses often they will kill and the rest witness gangsters always do they sweep their tracks I can say that
  • 05:44: nord i'm 99 m year as then and now I still think that this is our special service of one stone Chechens but if our special services are not P she certainly needed an explosion of relevant moods in society it was necessary to begin the war It could be justified that
  • 06:14: society is not a question and to sell emotion In the way that they won elections are planned from Putin make high rating essential juice rating creature which can out of nothing master of the Kremlin in the Russian terminology of the Tsar another way as war
  • 06:47: and preferably a bloody war and in one match and made her to you and no one was shocked by the menacing floor there to disconnect interesting to know I knew how much she did not know how much places to know how afraid she is
  • 07:17: literally in a half and two months of her death we met london I was already a half and two years old she was persuaded not only by them it has long ceased to be journalist it's portable then expert hear you hear you can 3 for Russia and for all to do much more if peak save yourself and stay here I have so many materials which however only 10 years only to drive and talked and attracted attention
  • 07:47: because I'm not a journalist Yashin journalist I such as would be admitted to markets does not look like it there is I go every time a protest and think that I was the last time there sugar is just she said this word here at me constantly angles said it seems like this Sevan father on the ice looking for something that I I know Here a direct question was asked who killed two in the course of the action, live broadcasts they drink Mr Putin president
  • 08:17: Russian Academy of Arts place gusts in the light of all these missiles and such networks as are used to live to strengthen its number of key this country at least for a time other than said what threatened Putin all this is taken into account more than a threat through earlier they kill less that they were controlled by the the length of each was murderous was receive permission from a cicle it was rather complicated procedure and today they have this roof issue on
  • 08:47: level of their offices so he The hour of murder is many times greater than we tons were and then there were murders much less and now this desert is much easier to buy chikshulub prove that he But he was threatened by them, he would not say unceasingly I myself witnessed but called on mobile wash the moscow and say what I think it's safe to remember London Trotsky under suspicion in Cambridge we would sauces only came in the court very birdies sing a group of Ivanov
  • 09:18: by tradition threatened all the time I had to start therefore to them a little earlier 101 reception in 8 9 and site visited management issues marketing in general it's all the same who are least likely to kill him one another or the third is perfectly I answer that I understand who the customer is That's what I understand because they special did not hide as you probably read in May In July, they received a special law allowing the president of Russia
  • 09:48: use your special parts to destroy enemies extremists do not write this within in Russia and outside the law was adopted by Putin signed it on the 20th of July and the Minister of Defense immediately supreme pumbas sergei isanov and said that matches have already been drawn up that is, they did it absolutely open Well of course no one paid attention I will not appear in the first victims and this
  • 10:19: I assure you not the last examples of military science to a joke and in the sense that he he did this work just here this the man, who can this work can and wants the market