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  • 00:00: Hello, my darlings Now I'll show you how to prepare the dough it is called a miracle dough that can be used to cooking pies pizza to anything in general it is the dough is an analogue of yeast the dough is very tasty and very easy to prepare you now in this win for I take cooking here 500 milliliters yogurt
  • 00:30: Shake and pour in bowl next step I add a pinch of salt We wrote a little bit then the dining room spoonful of sugar without top and right here at my vegetable
  • 01:07: butter where some 120 hundred thirty milliliters that is no longer and less need too the dough will not be as Air is such a how to tell what that so that is breathable from 120 to 30 milliliters of vegetable oil we here also pour stirred original when I
  • 01:42: introduced jelly how this test is Offline we girls is who's helped me to lose weight where we are there recipes discussed you do not know now, he ceased exist girls fled but but was still One girl from our Canadian him to Canada she liked better Cook I did not know it it is recipe or on where you are it took but I first learned about
  • 02:12: The recipe of this miracle dough and there that the original was 200 milliliter glass but as oil we tried our best prepare properly cook not greasy yet which will not not get fat Here we get better brought together a recipe that it will be enough 120-130 milliliters and dough It will be a best of fat and palatability that's all and now we add the flour
  • 02:44: He trained as how many will take the dough I can not say exactly grams cup so much long as she forward but this a little bit because even It depends on the fat content yogurt how much you add the butter someone maybe I will tell I add a glass of whether something general, I can not derive a formula grams you so as much as
  • 03:17: It is therefore necessary everywhere in recipes I I write as much as you Take It is available because of that it will not no stick to the hands and the same time will No such stone tao yin on plastic that it can be knead easily here
  • 03:53: The test starts reach that consistency when
  • 04:23: it can be remeshek now I take my silicone mat and it start knead the dough, I I spread the dough on silicone mat add flour and start it Stir to avoid there were no lumps . I was a little dough Here you will submit
  • 04:54: I turned a piece of text Now the next step I take a stick and start it rolled so here I did a little bit add flour, it is not card is not enough Here such here thick class is
  • 05:24: then I take a soda baking soda take century and here such schepotochku even so sprinkle our dough soda and it slightly so Now that the smooths I do next we turn this way as repeat our perfume procedures here
  • 06:03: continuing years tiger shouts struggling he loves his mother is very cool. and I keep deal with our dough here I am again it slightly but ok
  • 06:35: I roll out again take baking soda and again sprinkle all it is on the surface there distribute equally to again like this turn off and the last third how not roll out and again the same
  • 07:16: I repeat the water take And so sprinkle on and turn off kneaded lump and somewhere in the minutes I had twenty to leave it at Flower I rested
  • 07:48: that is, in this heat eat in the kitchen is very well that's the time I can until do cooking stuffing or something even for such a dough use by soda process cooking it It turns so on effect comparable maybe a little may be interleaved with test that is when you will be with them make cakes and tone it will be such here
  • 08:19: air pastries again replaces soda to shiver test, that is, again, is an analogue of yeast test very quickly I am very simple today with this test I will prepare food and I will show you how to do that is, until my dough resting I'll cooking toppings for pizza but it will be separate video and today all until