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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you i dmitry fresco you watch the culinary propaganda I'm here thought I promised then I you regularly show very simple and very quick recipes and lately all that I 'm shooting some very long let me be there and a lot of time required but all equal to the recipe a lot of time I think must be corrected and now I want you show very
  • 00:30: plain very fast way bake yourself anything for tomorrow i looked like this pastries from the Spaniards they like everything pile on ready-made puff pastry judging because publishes ziv here and culinary journals and bake and I it seemed very a good idea what let's embark I will need one a leaf of the finished puff pastry what specifically use live bezdozhzhevoe in this case, no matter your taste it stored in
  • 01:03: fridge with temperature 0 plus 5 if you have she is only from the freezer of course, on your unfreeze such a wonderful weight the dough is immediately divided it into four parts because I have will be 4 products and do it I am more comfortable with a knife for pizza and pf was of course very neatly, well, as it is immediately move it on the baking tray and I will hold one unpretentious procedure I want get the sides have their own
  • 01:33: baking for this it is necessary to make here such an incision and not reaching this angle to the edge 2 incision I raise Ecuador here this one corners
  • 02:04: with overlap falls here is all the stuffing go into the edges not covered stuffing in the stove rise and will be cartoons and the same thing do with the rest pieces of dough but so finished Of course, if you there are pieces of dough initially square then u folds are such
  • 02:34: it will be much more accurate but in principle, not worry even if they are rectangular you can always pull up Dough and everything will be fine in the end stomach all mixed what will use you I do not know it can be anything I want I'm not going to put a large number of the filling seems to me which literally one slice champignon stupidly a couple of slices perhaps by also on slice
  • 03:04: any other vegetable for this amount barrels will be more than is sufficient bucket chopped thin plates so be sure to bow bow here would be he is not perfect such a sharp taste has more of it sweets of sperm whale I am not therefore such circles will go this little onion sweet pepper such a plate and one of the most
  • 03:34: main ingredients in my opinion sun-dried they are tomatoes stored in refrigerator if someone missed click here and watch me tell show how you can wilted tomatoes and than they are so good here I would like to briefly recall that dried the tomato has extremely concentrated taste there and acid and sweetness is cool and here this one an obstacle baking with majority of
  • 04:04: neutral vegetables I think he is very you actually need speaking can be collected all everything is now in this I send in the form of oven with one hundred eighty two hundred degrees minutes at ten probably to me it is necessary that on the dough at the edges of the beginning climb inside there was damp because it 's not all heating up yet I put up the top and
  • 04:41: bottom by and large account is not very it is important how to cook in this case because that now it is very very thin dough it prepares quickly if you cook something more I'm serious to you I recommend see this one movie here I described in detail how to handle different ovens and how to use different modes wait 10 minutes 10 minutes have passed and here this kind of acquired our bakery but now
  • 05:11: this is the ric of what I am now get out I want to add to each such bend his patty over Filipino Street cheese again as an oven hands-hooks well here you are tell everyone awkwardly you can see crushed egg still for a change
  • 05:42: I will add a little bit corn already tomorrow obtained vegetable some salt I will fill it all up drops of fragrant olive oil all send it case in the oven on two or three can be
  • 06:12: four minutes now we will see saying everything is ready now transfer these essentially hot sandwiches with enemy here see which beauty with us it turned out well it is necessary to try here such simple baking us it turned out yes of course in fact it's hot a sandwich with a bunch different vegetables
  • 06:43: absolutely nothing especial but on my look at breakfast is anything is better a familiar piece bread with a piece of cheese although of course everything depends on cheese but today everything I hope that today's recipe was really short simple and that most the main thing in my opinion for this recipe allows you fantasy participation fillings and option breakfast is easy incredibly create on kitchen is
  • 07:14: cooking how art thanks for the company for now and