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  • 00:00: and [music] Hello everyone today prepare great delicious home white bread look what a wonderful bread I turned him very crisp crust it very easy look below this, too, crisp and it is wonderful smell homemade bread homemade pastries in the
  • 00:31: so wonderful smells Now for my homemade bread I I prepare the dough and for this I It needs about 800 grams of flour it may take a little flour a little more than 300 milliliters of warm Milk 200 ml all the liquid water must be about temperature 38 degrees 14 grams dry yeast 1 tablespoon sugar half tablespoon
  • 01:01: 50 grams of salt and vegetable oil first in the heat I activate milk the yeast in the milk, I add sugar and even I just have a good bugs I tremble and give the rise so much faster left Friendly for about 10 minutes at
  • 01:31: They should grow good cap look how I have grown yeast Now I have to be very quickly sift flour I'm friends here and so I took a little too little dishes so I I pull out a little yeast lift a Staff naples hat is a little sex and now sifted flour I sifted flour
  • 02:06: add salt good salt and stirred right here will bite my coming up yeast today they are my just gorgeous reached I pour and pour in dough warm water and We begin kneading first in a bowl
  • 02:39: then when the dough at I gather in one whom I will move on the table Now I also test add vegetable oil and all is well for I Misha test gathered in one whole and com Now I need the dough Knead well on
  • 03:09: table it will take about 10 minutes knead well and as I test I see that my meal are now more It does not need the dough dense enough I have nothing to add here I will no longer now we need the dough knead well to she pestered not
  • 03:41: circle instead of the table look what Bread dough should it not be too liquid it should be a little bit so you see but more dense at the same time soft the dough was not so clogged with flour you carefully refer to the the consistency of the dough Do you need to need to add more flour or not I good dough
  • 04:11: knead I have it not stick not a circle and I at the table see what it It turned out very smooth elastic I now test I drove a ball We act like everything usually I take a bowl grease its vegetable oil [applause]
  • 04:43: can be lightly grease oil and I test myself I spread the dough into bowl I close my test cling film and Now I leave it come about hour dough should increase in volume more than 2 times I usually put in warm place it at my microwave
  • 05:13: oven next to a bowl of tes I put to the test glass with hot water and my obtained a the perfect place where the dough is very good It fits me It took about an hour look how with increasing amount of Tess more than 2 it's incredible I now his furry gently'll get from low I need it slightly obmyat 100 I pour flour dough I pull out of the bowl, I act already very
  • 05:45: carefully, I will not strong admixture of dough ie I accept carefully and now I will just tuck the dough Now such folding same inside niyami shape buhanochku bread for Today I will round bread turned the
  • 06:15: That's how I form bread all the carbon dioxide once I'm out of bread already released when here it thus tucking me cooked form bread is not necessarily upload form it can be spread just on a baking sheet I'm baking form I lightly grease vegetable oil on top of the dough, I also lightly flour prisyplyu
  • 06:46: and cover the dough polotenechko and leave to approach more about minutes 30 I passed about half an hour look how increased volume bread and now we we will put the oven but before that it is not necessary will be on the test make cuts and the notch on the bread I I will make a sharp blade of course it It can be done with a knife
  • 07:16: but then it will not beautiful as the knife always so sharp as necessary for this process is but I have made such notch and now bread I send very good preheated oven and and should be very well I warm it It included approximately 250 degree and when I put the bread in oven, I immediately Lower the temperature to 190 and the Sprinkle oven
  • 07:46: water to I formed a little couples then glue up get very appetizing crust baked my bread the oven will about 40 minutes if all you want to make bread in the form of diameter 22 my form centimeter then bread it is an ideal round my bread has I'm ready to be sure always check the
  • 08:16: willingness and FIBA I wound rod when you hear what crust has turned wonderful breads crunchy now I neatly fetch from the mold and Transfer to a grill bread I have a trick with 35 minutes you too look at their oven as time you need look what
  • 08:50: the beauty of what it tall and handsome Now I'll set bread napkin and I need wait for it cool my great homemade white bread ready but today this bread I will cook another interesting recipe with dip sauce bread bowl so the bread section you can see the link in the description I wish you all
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