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Lesson of knitting of a small ROSETTE - how to connect the ROSE by a hook - knitting on the burdena  See details »



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  • 00:01: Hello I suggest you learn how to link here so here's a little such rosettes connected roses for Irish lace or you can use and an application roses flat wrong side and front side linked such rosettes of mercerized 100 grams of 565 cotton meters and hook I use knitting number one knitting
  • 00:33: of roses start with midway from the center But with this ulitochki in order to perform this snail need to do the basis of the thread to foundation slazhivaem thread 4 addition thus necessarily leaves more tail which is then We will sew itself ruletochku length about 30 cm 2
  • 01:03: addition made leaving the tail and again two additions now get foundation can undergirding reserve
  • 01:34: tail and from here this tabs that I stayed at Bend yarn recruit 3 Air loop 1 2 3 and Now in the second loop knit column, without sc tail at the same time within this column I leave and second
  • 02:01: the adjacent column provyazyvaem also column, without sc further binds around and introduce hook We take out the loop and two provyazyvaem loops together these need to link 60 columns without sc
  • 02:35: for that I get exactly edge here tightens the edge all columns sc without tight adjoined to a friend the friend will connect 60 bars tied here 60 bars without sc now need Now that Ali's wheelbarrow how to sew sew
  • 03:01: going from the inside to the using knitted needles for to work Collar not budded the process of cross-linking perform air in which the chain further disband pull loop We introduce the hook into one introduce in a ponytail a needle with a needle blunt end and a
  • 03:31: curl while stitching
  • 04:03: living small capturing stitches often so as not to It blossomed and was whole cloth
  • 04:34: That such is obtained wrong side and that's so beautiful front side
  • 05:05: until the end, you can not sew yeah that's when it's columns obliged them and fixes thread one side tighten good and different
  • 05:32: cut the thread that's happened middle, and now air chain who made dissolve
  • 06:03: We will continue to knit Here's the petals through connection column connect with ground capturing two halves and loops knit connection column base thread you need to pull up and recruit further 7
  • 06:31: 2 columns, without sc 3 4 6 7 via connection column capturing two half loops previous row Join today and more Strapper 7 columns is
  • 07:00: nakida 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 07:42: connection column anchoring and so on cut the diameter of the entire floret
  • 08:21: here already go petal also captures two halves and loops through connection column join
  • 09:09: That such is obtained Rostik to convenient was knit here it's the crane and chic not folded you can fix it with
  • 09:31: using another strings and knit columns without sc to end here is folded and foundations
  • 10:22: that's what she took thread behind it convenient Keep additionally
  • 10:32: Knit until the end again and now seize those two half loops who stayed remained from the basics more thread and pull out help connect the two column to connect with The base is made Another one connective the column is such turned seredinka
  • 11:00: rosettes Now 10 air recruit eyelets 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 This is the basis for Here's the pitch more I hook the back of the petals and pulled through They work loop recruit 10 more
  • 11:31: aerial loops four five six seven eight nine ten and likewise connected to the base and 3 petals 10 aerial loops 6 7 8 9 10 is connected to
  • 12:03: ground Now received I cut off the chain are introducing hook a chain provyazyvaem first two columns without nakida 2 polustolbika
  • 12:32: and 8 columns to one sc 1 post with one nakida 2 3 4 5 6 7 and
  • 13:04: February 8 polustolbika and two columns without 1 sc in the king They were tied first petal turn on second likewise two columns without nakida 2 polustolbika and 8 columns to one
  • 13:36: nakida 2 3 4 Here are 6 and 7 8 2 polustolbika possible
  • 14:01: pull up a little pasta and two columns sc without pass the third petal just as two column, without sc 2 polustolbika 8 bars with one nakida 3 4 5 6 7 8 2
  • 14:45: polustolbika 1 and 2 and 2 column, without sc performed using connection column I joined
  • 15:02: Now received petals need tie rachim step We carry out air loop in the opposite direction provyazyvaya introduce hook in the nearby We take out the loop two loop provyazyvaem loops together
  • 15:35: provyazyvaem each loop not miss They were tied first
  • 16:00: petal and go the second tab That such is obtained dovyazali to untie end lobe 3 rachy step and now secure with connection column will fulfill two air thread
  • 16:31: can be cut resulting tail You need to fill using knitting immaculately dressed with a seamy side first one side and tighten then in the opposite
  • 17:11: bouncing and circumcised not happen again Shanker is ready front side Wrong side to her use canvas
  • 17:30: Irish lace it is necessary to steam steam iron I wish you creative success obedient eyelets let knit together