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The machine for sharpening of saw disks  See details »




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  • 00:00: insert new masters Levashev tinkering own hands and time on the electrophile there need both acquisition of a strong and creators correct it. to me once a strong dice, and I have seen your a man just picked hands twirl simple and Now she dragged imprisoned without any compliance football etc. after I
  • 00:33: I set it gums son, I realized that it is necessary acquire some Grinder because the how you can beat It was either cut firewood or cut just as prus longitudinal profile wood boards not I can buy a beat we have been for me expensive but do mine was plenty hangout information Internet I such obedience all enough many had
  • 01:04: only match the opportunities and press various fasochki sounds namely form sharpening needed disk under certain material for
  • 01:40: thumbs up note
  • 02:14: train Vasina located
  • 02:56: basic rules without coach on the bottom
  • 03:36: construction is additional Fitting plate for Run 8 appropriate the size the basis for the different wood varieties
  • 04:21: different prices after stripping front teeth is such marking involvement with one and on the other hand the channel to hone I correctly
  • 04:57: parallel the removable help us to be among of the stories we green for tomorrow table length to have a Russian forest counting of nodes sharpener carried in the following way based on the following
  • 05:27: explosion for sharpening the top crest this is the angle between the perpendicularly located tangent to disk surface its circumferential with respect to the radius and disc rotation angle disk rotation for
  • 06:00: its axis equal to each other the there's this angle as we called he is from here that corner if this is now on together intersection with moves on a radius specific symbol Now this tangent then this one's corner towards tangentially parallel for exactly
  • 06:31: courage abrasive it will the same angle deviations for the same point of the front life edges edge teeth when creating market but instead of on parallel located right and space does not deflection radius
  • 07:01: turning the dial equal to the angle the front edges cutting teeth against parallel parallel plane recording a lot of sand Sharpening slopes
  • 07:36: the front edges of the teeth regards Odesa here and so So produced axial tilting regards towards worktop on relation to flexible enough
  • 08:07: a assistance and since sharpened the front edge of the tooth
  • 08:37: this and that it is established saw blade on carriage expose desired angle I'm talking about numbers here diagonally forward and outlined the extent to which He stole the desired teeth if there is a front tilt against
  • 09:07: axial tilt sharpening and the front edge tooth should also be carry out the necessary tilt table if you are not like this at disk You do not need We perform a rotation at a predetermined angle for example here This CD set 12 degrees will respectively
  • 09:38: opposite tooth set at 12 degrees then expose retainer when the latch when
  • 10:10: lock installed at the We drive in this direction does not turn over less than 12 degrees then select the table so to call our little into contact with surface
  • 10:40: and the grinding wheel the lower part of the table was an offer in the bar for fix table and make sharpened and so on through one tooth if you have
  • 11:29: axial tilt the leading edge of the teeth if it is not then so We produce sharpening each tooth sharpener the upper edge of the tooth Now that we need deploy for stachnoy
  • 12:00: disc motor on 90 degrees and fix it here
  • 13:03: then we need put a sharpening angle of inclination of 10 degrees for this we need to the side plates move on
  • 13:33: proper label 10 degrees and secure with on the one hand and also on the other hand then we need
  • 14:30: tune also a right angle top sharpening placing the disk on carriage and set Now in this direction in right
  • 15:01: the right of those if they wrong angle was 20 degrees represents 20 degrees and also forget our fixative which will capture us
  • 15:32: this url lock installed and Now position the the entire table on relation to abrasive Discs So we put
  • 16:10: we fix it now It can be set to Now using this travel stop table correct I remove the depth I put so was slightly touch here is a touch
  • 16:46: can be turned here torch for to be seen now there is need to include reverse we turn Raymer sharpen like this produce
  • 18:00: sharpening for not sharpening marked teeth We need to turn the div lock the desired angle deployed another put it aside put tables on the other side Sharpened drive and turn in reverse
  • 18:31: the opposite direction movement of the grinding disk yet it is worth noting It is important that here it was thrust plate precisely set parallel if the plane of the disk This will be done I found this
  • 19:01: incorrect abutment plate then the movement and sharpener drive with one hand and on the other you It happens different the degree of removal of the tooth and respectively one tooth which e.g. cuts the right side timber will longer speak more wood cut off and the left less than you
  • 19:32: saw respectively will go to the left side or to the right Depending on which side is better It will have sharpened so it's important the teeth were sharpened the same on all this until all if it is not clear write in comments