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  • 00:00: Good day dear viewers my name Alexander today I I want to talk to you about the asynchronous engines after my video where He told how connect engine from washing machine machine I received plenty mass emails comments and Some of them you ask me to talk about how to plug asynchronous engines in detail in an unhurried manner dwelling on
  • 00:31: all items that are possible in the course of connections and I I decided to fill this creating a gap a number of a series of videos dedicated asynchronous engines Video will be brief informative and dedicated to one Related in today's video I I plan to tell how to identify the type of asynchronous engine which engine we got next video I show you how connected
  • 01:01: Single-phase asynchronous engine and then I I tell you what to eat ways to connection three phase asynchronous engines then I will tell you how it is important to pick up run capacitors capacitors to engine as the leads an engine with wrong selected capacitors and how the method for the selection of capacitors
  • 01:31: I use but let's get today's topic Today I want to tell how identify the type of engine before induction you connect asynchronous engine to single-phase network you need to determine what type of engine before us because of the type of engine will depend scheme connect it to the single-phase network among the most common engine types can be identified a separate group
  • 02:01: This phase motor They caught us often followed by Single-phase with capacitor winding they are called just condenser and Single-phase with the start winding course primarily as Once we got in hand engine we We look at it sign on it but we can label believe in the label we can on the engine We can see only
  • 02:31: whereas when the engine But if the new and a new engine It is stuffed with label we can completely to say yes engine match them blow he single-phase so he three-phase, or what written in our label if old engine plate may be wiped plate may be missing general motor can there be an competent wrappers quickly and easily recalculate engine to another voltage on one phase
  • 03:02: on the bead winding the trigger on hydrochloric this capacitor very easy and nameplates interrupted not so I always said label at we do not believe it is necessary to independently check untwist the box rasklyuchenie bar but check how done first of all untwist one Engine after as we unscrewed
  • 03:34: cover roughly must be visually keep track of all the wires unleash all twist to remove all bridge to Our wires were free here about this here way each wire free, he has no Connect with no way and others can now be start release pairs and measure resistance to measure resistance us It needs most
  • 04:04: any conventional tester just a meter that It is able to measure from units and a move above prozvanivatsya wire on housing and other we are looking for couples who will prozvanivatsya and shows Resistance here in Here we found a couple who It shows us the 9 th resistance fix it somewhere on bumazhechke next couple rang again
  • 04:34: try on the body and We are looking for a couple's time again show about 9 m and the third pair of the housing also show about 9 m Now see what phase difference Engine 1 phase three-phase motor It has three coils shifted by 120 degrees
  • 05:09: relative to the axis the rotor there is, there are three absolutely identical coil single phase motor It has two coils shifted 90 degrees relative to the axis rotor often these coils different have different resistance is very rarely seldom
  • 05:39: across coil the same resistance we measured our resistance engine and We found three the same coil that give resistance ninth that it means it means that this is a clear three-phase motor having three coils resistance which 10 every nuance of a can have phase engine having three coils are They may be connected in the middle of the motor already a star and the output
  • 06:10: are only three wire 1 2 and 3 in that Then the case, the resistance between the three ends it will be equally there is between this and this this and this and this these three resistance will exactly the same is to be conventional three-phase move is the difference between the engine six conclusions and engine with three conclusions only difference
  • 06:40: in that the engine three terminals already I turn the stars in middle, and we do not We will be able to plug it in otherwise it will only star for In order to connect it differently will need to disassemble the engine and output three ends who reeled in in the middle of a star and outputting then we can connect it different engine which already has Six conclusions we We can connect and
  • 07:10: star in the triangle and torn triangle and any other available to you if single-phase motor we have two coils shifted 90 one of the degrees which Working another or capacitor or launcher case single-phase Engine we will find only four wires
  • 07:41: three or three wires, we we find in the case when one wire working and one wire starting coil are connected in the middle and deduced from them Only one general end in this case we one can measure the second resistor resistance and third resistance while two smaller resistance will the amount equal to the third resistance that is
  • 08:12: Now get this Nexus one the output resistance the second resistor concluded three ends which give one the second resistor resistance and the amount of both resistance how to allocate work winding and supporting operating winding It is always less resistance
  • 08:42: that is, the pair which will give least resistance is working ax which will give average resistance will starting or capacitor to divide Condenser we motor or start winding Here a clear distinction no if the resistance two windings to distinguish more than twice the in front of us rather all engine bife polar second winding ie starting winding if the difference
  • 09:12: less than twice the likely it condenser engine more accurately we can determine only empirically Connect the motor to network and so here is the quick video very easy to very only you can determine what kind of engine's type in front of you is phase is Six conclusions or three-phase output has 4 or O 3 or conclusion but that still need to pay
  • 09:42: attention to the fact that engines but very rarely still it can happen out of the engine weight wire can go various temperature sensors may go different circuit breakers different protection single-phase with the start coil can go two wires centrifugal switches so We preferably immediately exclude these wires they either Call not directly giving neither a
  • 10:12: resistance or they do not call all such wires we are from our test exclude and check the only those that We stayed that give some resistance so on This concludes current video all up to date with you was Alexander good luck