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  • 00:00: good morning to you glad the resin with you We hope you are not only see us but also do today a set of exercises I I want to visit from the girls who a lot of work abroad so can not join us and would like to work work they certainly there are a lot of cleaning large territory rooms so I
  • 00:30: offer complex that you can do you have it at home Takes 30 minutes to often you take water bottles optional dumbbell and glasses Brainstorm all sounds timid and and so that's a plus girls who Now yourself not at home can learn because they have children there some many mental problems we and you are ready to come to your aid 1 minute we do squat bottles a look at many girls hurt knees that look It does Larisa
  • 01:00: squat replace on the slope and breath Laura right of conscience and I woke stop a minute has passed bent and after legs start to do legs back a little bent avoid spatula work breath breath breath breath exhalation with any provision You can find benefits note view . also a little bit only unbent kolenochki so after exercise gluteus maximus hamstrings, and as well, let's match
  • 01:30: possible to see how the muscles back to Girls are at flowed to We went out of salt scapular can region 10 zones is we We are working on all back and making legs found gluteal muscle Now It is located in an extension exhalation exhale We look ahead as Once you start you cant You start with the street here view points TILT head is below watch begins hunch back rovnenko and work spatula 3
  • 02:00: complications in the village slopes become returned and went spatulas working one-two-three raised the one-two-three include two of the most large groups Our muscles of the lower body gold body our feet if we Vodicka connect back to this case It operates one of the the most powerful
  • 02:30: fat burners and generally beautiful parts of our body learn some street court and back to gluteal muscle I have always been strongly recall when you knees hurt is not necessary experiment on myself not to do deep squats attacks it comes to you in harm replace squats attacks or immobile exercise, any exercises on almost almost flat feet legs slightly You should be bent how does this Larisa sous minutes overgrown
  • 03:03: note each complex each exercise made you do one minute at different speed with the same dumbbells on mats or on the mat and pressing with lifting arms alternately and therefore We took a little of holiday We begin with a large girls are more and then we can move to crayons note Girls with different level of training so no need to pretend that you
  • 03:33: that nothing You do girl came the first time we We try something make and then write but I do not I can stand there full training but they have asked 15 15 seconds workout rest 30 seconds 5 seconds rest at least work out click here and we must start off nothing ventured, no moss squeeze and when We climb to do expiratory rise alternate hands and you went look different variations lying with
  • 04:03: without the complication of the knee wait and see how It works well spinochka now! work virtually the whole body look Attention press works but not holding the curtain press work static back shoulders triceps and chest as the one of the main elements when You get tired
  • 04:33: can do on knees and the same variation of the girls you not even a minute We are working at a to arms already tired father See all two all variations of the same push-ups sup walls or from a small stool then you Stool a small shop like we have a stepy shop you will not necessarily better immediately begin to give sand without 2
  • 05:04: no like this It called friendship I give little dumbbells so take tell more little friend its minute We get up over we did see legs with strips Vodicka did back hooked hands are warmed and chest done now moved to the upper body our We start doing shoulders We took a little Dumbbell glasses do just do 2 do three or four
  • 05:35: Now five or six triceps times two Three hands behind his head and returned for 1 2 3 45 head straightened 6 7 and lowered cranking you released two or three times on April 5 6 7 8 see who osteochondrosis especially cervical thoracic department there department of collar zone so to speak start the same
  • 06:05: exercise to do all the same thing only without dumbbells and when You feel that the very sense of time and then already allows I start taking it I know little romashechki with water and small glasses bottles and so on etc. gradually increasing the water so say in a container in your increase nagruzochku Now everything is working collar area back triceps here Now tightened moved his shoulders again back to five or six seven, eight times two
  • 06:35: three Remember the larger the I thought the more weight take the smaller thoughts we take less weight as beautiful We are able to swim Dean what color gamma feel that you No bad mood put here as a form of yes they are a bright T-shirt and immediately and immediately life once painted paints or Lord have we have food in bright He comes and says yes I am a little more than 30
  • 07:05: but I'm here on the nose bright T-shirts because I life debonair Well done man Dumbbell glasses postponed steel stand embryo but stand what your hands under your knees We are trying to raise We are trying to escape Castle did not let go Now it looks horizontal bar imitation maximally stretch the muscles back maximally
  • 07:36: stretch the muscles backs who do not have butt please Stretch think in such a position dad try to escape hands trying to jolted This we did only one round no girl doing well, you have 6 We made the first round with We continue and back to second round take gantelki larger more tablets predetermination and more again begin to feet inhale-exhale
  • 08:10: housing flat housing wave on nagruzochku heels lorochka bends under because remember Laura Laura tried so l say whether operation of the plant knees up again the same You should exercise You can do
  • 08:40: different rates you can do one circle not much strong to remember and a half 2 minutes 5 th may be boiled a lot of this complex exercises you start with at least one wheel do not make them just 6 May beads circles make a row Honor the woods tomorrow you are well again complex if you do not well that is not much hurt Increase this two I do laps for what would we do principle gradualness gradually accustom it is not the load a You do not know when I woke up with a sledgehammer on
  • 09:10: head again loaded it then not a week go talk to this it is not a sport like this to the detriment went Stuck go back exhalation exhale spatula reduce hull below if you do not tilt housing on the twig raised so now because you stand slightly raising whiskey dumbbells watch begins trapeze work to do so as we so the slope and we Here it is necessary to zone
  • 09:41: which leads spatula, this also trapezoid but also more and central part and a lower part to more beneficial for Women of the back see girls Well hard they joyfully why because all hard yes Well done and rise connect with daddy back 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 knees forward and
  • 10:12: we choose to enter their socks you inhale-exhale strengthen girls back back is our all with a healthy back when healthy spine healthy body where mirrors many prominent
  • 10:51: chairs Waller for these dumbbells on mats on pass breasts come thoracic procedures We pass to the saint 2 points holy holy contact at woman's breast and buttocks you should at least do either one or the other somewhere or neck open or dress shorter one of 2
  • 11:21: We went exhale breath pay attention to setting than hands wider hands of the more pectoral muscle It works when you bet with a narrow setting you hand longer connect triceps plei Delta front shoulders some patients who sloth says then elbows hurt and make full deep to lacoste It should be straight angle if strong deep see push me will sharp elbow
  • 11:51: and it will start to hurt to do about those floor squeezing yet let us never joints sharp corners and then you are less provoke joint on different disease allora avails allora gazing today if you do not today had contact work out look us on the Internet always engaged engaged everywhere because that's when healthy body It is healthy home and we are for a healthy
  • 12:21: thanks for the nation They have been with us and if have any questions please call eyes on phone pussy ready screens to help question in a lot of soon you wait get answers to Delhi all your questions happy