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  • 00:00: we cut unnecessary to us fat because pork meat pretty greasy so superfluous we are absolutely not what is she to us here only will prevent so farther we we take such a deep capacity shifting here this meat is one secret I prefer pork do not salt before she will not undergo heat treatment
  • 00:30: how she will not grab otherwise she would not will be so juicy there is you promise now take a lemon lemon pour pork lemon juice in general se7en from us come up with Thai accent in and we marinate a little bit we pick up a little for five minutes we will leave the marinade with this one lemon juice of one juice lemon 4 is worth it Do not stand on 4 slices pork pork fillet
  • 01:02: good filet I'm honest I will tell him in this forest to good quality fillet sorry that is not finite his staunch was called but it's not too bad we take garlic and we take garlic even we press garlic I specially take young yet the ability to cook young garlic I I prepare only with young garlic this example I thought that it would not hurt recipe if you prepared this and with old thing well
  • 01:32: just a young nu it is much more tender so instead of two I then we Here's the quantity I prepared already once so pork thus was terrible success delight we'll see what will be today so even we squeeze out Here's to the lemon garlic so as to was such an easy the emphasis is not on funny garlic call for light attack
  • 02:02: accent but you are strong got upset No, well, I'm in the next I'll definitely buy it once persistent course you see pigs start in the lemon it changes a little her color is from such a dark pink on becomes only she is getting light now take the frying pan on pour the frying pan vegetable oil 2 tablespoons of any any any so only on a very
  • 02:33: well-heated frying pan you omit this meat now while frying pan listen, I was going to do an amendment to a salad of ginger but you have to let go my murder of betrayal lettuce does not shine us above us the network today it's no big deal here pork sent need a few 2 tablespoons grated finely ginger philanthropist slippy salad will be easier and
  • 03:04: pork such a thing she is very much like herself strange though pork thing popular she is you company mentee it 's pretty hard here when in order that to her then that it was really harmony, I believe that for example pork with some salad so gentle light it will not be very it's good to work better work national things here look there is a kitchen Ukrainian or Russian kitchen so that's how
  • 03:34: me it's all percentage warmed up I send these pieces in a frying pan fry on each side somewhere 2 4 minutes in general to me you need it to become such a very much golden almost burned such golden burnt brown which causes appetite I 'll leave it further sun 2
  • 04:05: tablespoons of ginger pepper and now everything this is what I'm pouring I pour brandy so that all this was covered then that somewhere around 100 milliliters cognac can be use some other alcohol is just this alcohol should be with
  • 04:35: some kind of aroma he there can not be such a as though not having taste taste Allah's pronounced shades excellent starts to gold here is the moment I and we can turn it over even a little more you see more she from a lemon as strangely, I often begins to acquire sweet start put together now right here two tablespoons of honey that's good as it is neither
  • 05:05: strangely good cut chopped tomatoes with onion know how to salad who give the word oh well as on looked up so now it is not necessary to take such a vessel which then can be will send in you know the oven than it's still good she is very quickly preparing it
  • 05:35: only 15 minutes back in she will sit and all while the mumps itself is doing the most time to send as pork here, too, is important do not overdry because if she too much roast then it will be too dry so can turn on already you think so
  • 06:05: fast the report is wonderful of cases per hour we ship these pieces of meat but this not all oh what sounds so now I'm here oil warm up the most time to cook sauce and well cognac Of course this is the one is being prepared in principle
  • 06:45: within 10 seconds then the frying pan was well warmed up and now these are these we water our pork pepper honey cognac is heavy frying pans and here now is the time it's all salt a little bit like this a handful of salt and
  • 07:15: cover with a lid a now for 15 minutes we go to temperature raise to 180 degrees and all leave it at 15 minutes exactly let about what beauty