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  • 00:00: Welcome to Mamochkin channel today we knit flower elongated loops This flower is very originally looks and simply we fit use for knitting thick yarn alize superlana maxi we do ring amigurumi long end of the thread in our top ring threaded hook and smuggles first tighten the loop
  • 00:30: her it is, we will not considered as the first column Now in the ring amigurumi we provyazyvaem 6 columns without sc If you also knit thick yarn is take thicker hook or tight tighten each another column the next row will be quite difficult knit here Knit 6 columns
  • 01:02: without sc and stubby tip tighten thread Now we will loop Knit the first row the first series we will It consists of two columns without sc knit each loop here first the previous loop series we provyazyvaem 1 column, without sc then we pull the loop is done Now in such a way
  • 01:32: once again show big finger to himself thread tight presses to presses about knitting already column and in the same loop provyazyvaem more one column without sc that's what I said first loop I am very tightened so have to work to its register knit next loop again
  • 02:02: provyazyvaem 2 column, without sc before each column we pull the loop 1 column, without sc again not provyazyvayte tightening because we will have another a number of the second column without sc on top It may be unusually pulling the
  • 02:32: eyelets but you soon adapt himself and will knit fast enough a flower can tie literally 5-6 minutes That's how two column, without sc in each loop we provyazyvaem before each bar pull loop and that's quite enough
  • 03:10: already we can quickly knit 1 row consisting of a double columns without sc each loop and in the last loop rows of 2 columns we provyazyvali first 6 columns without sc
  • 03:40: in amigurumi ring in second row in each loop and provyazyvaem 2 column ie all we turned 12 bars with elongated loops the next row we will alternate 1 column, without sc 2 column, without sc before each column, without sc we pull loop under knit one column into the loop the following loop knit 2 column without 1 strapped nakida 2 and so to alternate
  • 04:12: end of the series in this 1 loop column without nakida following two column, without sc pull loop the second column without sc and provyazyvaem so until the end of the series for the this flower we enough to knit only two of a number of because yarn
  • 04:43: Very extensive flower and so will quite beautiful fluffy if you knitting a fine Yarn is possible You have to knit another number already there will striping 1 bar, without sc 1 column, without sc 2 column, without sc and so the entire series Now we have finished second row and knit anchoring
  • 05:15: smuggles thread and then tighten thread can be leaving crop small piece if we will sew this flower some product here so it is nice It looks like a daisy in the center can be place any button or in principle leave such Flower as a ready variant with reverse hand circle It looks like circle tied columns, without sc you can sew him
  • 05:45: if the pin flower is used in as brooches leave comments under the video Thank you for attention Stay with us on Momma us channel Thank you