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  • 00:00: Hello friends Well, I finally got out into the fresh air and prepared you another effective training This time, I probably collected your most popular searches And today, we will work to spend three problem areas in girls
  • 00:34: This leg, buttocks and your press So if this is your problem area then you are sure to join By the way, probably in the comments under the video will be a lot of questions Why do I have such a gorgeous suit I like a true hunter, a bright, stylish and comfortable clothing found a very cool shop fitness clothing I will leave you with a link in the description below the video You go to their website They have a lot of different clothes for all tastes and a very cool way stylish overalls What is now very fashionable Well, we begin our training So take a deep breath lose heart
  • 01:15: relaxing Raised inhale-exhale And now we begin the first exercise ready We perform squats and push up We raise our knee toward the elbow We need to do 15 reps Breathe out when we rise And sit as low as possible Here we naturally work the buttocks, hips and oblique muscles of the press When we curl
  • 01:45: Exhalation And now she went smooth hand to foot Raise the pull leg as high as possible We stretch the toe and smooth hand touch Exhalation descend Also 15 repetitions Excellent Yet Now we are drawn to a straight leg And the opposite hand head to foot
  • 02:17: Also 15 repetitions Exhalation breath A little bit more Excellent Now do the running in place Just lift your legs as high as possible To touch the palms for one minute Run in place
  • 02:48: straining press We look ahead We landed on the toe and raise your knees higher More half a minute do not stop And the ten
  • 03:27: Nine Eight Seven Six Five Two One stopped Rest and prepare for the next exercise Excellent Now you are focused on the direct hands Trailing legs back brought them together lit and framed again to his feet They stood in a squat We did not go up fully We remain in a squatting area
  • 03:57: And immediately we relinquish our legs back Very good work here Press We also again straining thighs and buttocks Because we do not get up Legs and buttocks in suspense all the time Try to get your hands were perpendicular from the floor Lest they depart odd strongly forward Exhalation Excellent Now do the jumps in a clockwise direction and against it We need to do 10 repetitions
  • 04:27: One repeat when you return to your starting point And try not to get up Time Two Three Time Two returned Excellent continue Try to follow the breath that it is uniform It was flat to your back naturally And yet just a little bit
  • 04:58: The legs are already burning Excellent Again we return to an emphasis on straight arms and carry out jogging on the spot Tightens the knee close to the chest Pay attention to your hands They also have direct We look all the way down And keep the pace of about one We need to hold out as half a minute And we have only 10 seconds
  • 05:28: A little bit more Excellent We stay in one place and now in turn push up one leg to itself Try to push as close as possible Time Two Excellent rest a little stood up Also squat and slapped his buttocks with the heel We sat up and Exhalation
  • 06:01: sat Raise the leg 20 repetitions Even a little bit left Excellent Immediately went into attack We have focused on one knee and now push up the second leg as quickly as possible 20 reps to do Very good static strain hips supporting leg
  • 06:31: And now help himself with his elbows How would tightens the leg to itself And thus the body is twisted slightly More work is included in the press Focus is on supporting our foot on the heel You to keep balance Excellent Moved into the attack on the other foot Emphasis and 20 repeats Excellent
  • 07:15: Now went to press twist the body And if you pull the fact that with all his strength on knee Exhale through the mouth powerful Left just a little bit Excellent Well done Shake little feet raise their hands Deep breath Exhalation Relax the whole body Well I hope you enjoyed training
  • 07:49: And you're doing the exercises together with me not lazy And be sure to write your request on the following video you want to see the next time And we'll see you soon Bye Bye Good luck to all