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  • 00:00: you lie and lose weight but what kind of woman is talking about this does not dream present for one once you can get rid of two centimeters of volume per hips how my girlfriend will tell olga snowstorm meet the polinka hello do you know this situation when I want to say hid in the first place add that we grow thin not only in hips but also natalia Now, if only now they then stood she would said the complex you have to do two hours daily and you
  • 00:30: tell about what and some magical Pleasant procedure well firstly it's different things when we we are engaged in sports we first of all direct our action on shaping muscular corset here we have this happiness will not happen that is, we have better then skin condition it will be dense beautiful your skin will look like 10 15 years younger we can get rid of still from stretch marks of sushi but nevertheless to this moment has not yet understood what do we do complex obec
  • 01:01: wrap I know that in the spa very popular this procedure and it almost one of the most expensive of course when you tell about it amazing wrapping myself straight I feel that you experienced the effect on yourself so you convincingly this says i need to it was beautiful look and call by girlfriends have a favorite I measured the dress somewhere in a month it's dress you can not say that it's not straight climbed in bust area like that squeezes in the hips suspiciously
  • 01:31: you will do two steps forward creeps up ideally I took my head and time for classes I have sports really not so i refused buns and bread aide borscht forever plus here it is here wrapping through the day I climbed well into the dress is all good that is, it turns out for month you managed get rid of two sizes in 2 sizes less so proven methodology snowstorm comprehensively
  • 02:02: wrapping immediately with three effects speaking already of what I I suspect we save it will be much cheaper in at home in conditions than in cosmetic salon of course let's start we base this oil cold pressing wheat germs we we take two dining rooms spoon this happens desperate means us need 4 all the ingredients we buy in a drugstore Further detailed crush everything in a pharmacy all the most common to this oil we add 1 milliliter vitamin e that is it
  • 02:33: our vessels are good regeneration we can take liquid option he is in In this case it is sex a teaspoon a can if you take vitamin and take 2 capsules afterwards we add necessarily good essential oils first that I advise this cinnamon oil and so increase blood circulation vascular surgery local increase temperature plus just pleasant aroma yes but she a little bit of course burns so therefore if you have a sensitive
  • 03:05: skin but not suitable if you have any The problems are there ulcerative rashes Germany also irritations that is too, we are the bottom of it cinnamon oil yes yes a if the skin and everything in the order of burning she feels it is literally in 5-6 minutes . if suddenly all the same it turns out that cinnamon does not suit me than replace it in this composition of oil of geranium how many drops 3 4 droplets the following that we took it essential oil orange it pleased we need it in order to
  • 03:36: deep run processes fat burning also 3-4 droplets not more than 1 3 that's how I taught something I doubt if such large the hip is enough for this of course enough and rosemary 3 4 drops due to the fact that the basis of our oil everywhere in all components of our it turned out oil which has a very a pleasant smell has good deep fat burning effect Well, always the same
  • 04:06: this is the question how deep can any composition penetrate the skin and even more so through the skin beneath which is cellulite the most important thing now remove excess water from organism because just that's extra water and hinders correct illness then the next is secret is means that absolutely available every kelp for sale in a pharmacy 3 tablespoons with slide in this this is 6 now happens
  • 04:36: cooking whole complex tation door so it's important observe the quantity we have kelp we must prepare to pour us take warm water but not higher temperature than 40 degrees because that kelp if we we 'll take it with boiling water starts instantly fold and lose one's properties that is, to do this categorically not and how much water is there secret for 250 milliliters and she swells yes yes to us need to be made from
  • 05:06: laminaria cold tincture, that is, give to stand in the dark location approximately 45 hours in order the water took away on everything is all good and useful that was in I am already kelp prepared in advance such concentrate he enough interesting now even if I dipped your fingers you you see here such here from we will filter take gauze double layer in one layer can all break through come on then on the one hand
  • 05:37: marlechku I take out turn into a pouch since we usually percolate cottage cheese and literally right away here we see and well this rotationally and yet all this is tracked Remind what role will play kelp and here is this composition in our procedure is all that he is harmful to us she will take over like a leather sponge becomes more nourished more elastic youth literally in front of
  • 06:07: We should get somewhere around 100 150 milliliters in infusion oil is clear that we put on the skin on a from above we will conduct cold wrap we take the usual elastic wines which is sold in any pharmacy or have you at home most convenient to it was a bandage width of 10 centimeters can be 12 and for but 45 meters if you have more at home narrow bandages also they are generally do not need
  • 06:37: despair at once to run after others for new we must soak Our bandage in this solution, we first immerse in a warm water bandage make so that he turned out well well moist squeeze so that nothing dripped into and when we place it in water Here so not unwinding yes yes that's it like this I'll stop you I'll show it like this move another side too absorb it if he it's already wet to reach a wet trace dry too it is possible but
  • 07:08: the expenditure will be above and effectiveness will be more if all the same take pity on yourself laminaria and prepare this for example 2 liter of honest self I tried the same therefore easier to do since said Olga first warm water then Laminaria is easy for us it is necessary that this bin was wrapped in laminaria that is, it is not necessary that it flowed in the legs that floor panama first we put on a clean our body oil usual massage
  • 07:38: movements are not rubbing the spouse Yes, they put on that zone that we are going to wrap then our soaked in the laminaria bintik unfolding then we seem to embracing spirally we wrap the bandage top bottom bottom weight up when we reach buttocks and
  • 08:08: we shake as if from below on forming shorts formed shorts turn bandage on tummy line reel in a circle mada bendik with us ends simply the tip was wrapped in elastic dick similarly we do with second leg and when rise before that places where we already have live wrapped we bintik we lead to the top that's why we need two screws so that with 2 strada and the uniqueness of
  • 08:54: is that we not just wrapped separately thigh is not we clearly took from below up the lymph flow and received medical result it is clear what to stand and freeze in such situation, we can not we can get hypothermia therefore on top we wrapped conventional food foil in the same way yes no, just steel and that's it. so here's how pies in themselves neatly like a bead we are here so here wrap up Well, it seems to me The spectacle is no longer for
  • 09:24: faint-hearted but also furniture the beloved one in this moment comes about there is no mummy in his place expensive 6 but how funny and funny let's but then again we we can slowly move around room we take beautiful good warm gown turn around we lay down under a plaid so no sora warmly yes and good at our organism operates lime tea is interesting then what is not needed sweep this composition, he still
  • 09:54: acts on the skin from two to six hours that then passed 6 hours and already fully the composition then it's washed away about you you will forget me kelp practically soaked in there is no longer sticking this is us, too childhood and substance what is really like as though it were necessary yes, as not often preferably in a day I understand that billet from oil you can save some time before or you need to each procedure
  • 10:25: re- do not We can save the only thing we should be transferred to a bottle of bu from dark glass and krepenko and so on close the lid that essential oils We were not exhaled and put the dark place and kelp soak every time yes we are after the first procedures are visible as we were noticeably left we can even yourself to measure in hips is good training our stretch marks if suddenly were and somewhere after 5 procedures and we can see even a notable improve completely will not pass to
  • 10:56: Unfortunately but will become more here are the smooth ones contraindications for these unique wraps this standard contraindications if you do not God forbid oncological diseases then clearly we do not use nothing if we have any lesions on the skin and even if you hypertension there third degree then it is clear that with essential oils we we do not risk Just use kelp as detox well , the open stage tuberculosis is also an axis but it is already such scary moments which all the same
  • 11:26: you need to know for cooking unique wrapping with oil solution and kelp we need oil wheat germs essential oil cinnamon orange rosemary and vitamin and in order to make a unique lotion to us need dry Laminaria and water mix oil and oil is applied to the skin elastic bandages soaked and cold infusion
  • 11:57: kelp and apply district from the bottom up and do a wrap on 40 minutes turn around chicken wraps camping in heat . these I is grateful for the fact that you revealed to us this really unique secret a your skin will be you thankful for wrapping with kelp essential oils hello youtube each of we dream long keep youth and beauty of the skin therefore subscribe to our channel and I with
  • 12:27: pleasure share with you recipes for youth of beauty and skin health